This love worth fighting for?!

17 year old girl named Claire who has forever been friends with Harry yes the Harry from one direction she has never really told him her feelings for him she starts to doubt them when Harry starts hanging around another girl will she tell him or will she let him fall in love with another girl?


7. Are we more than friends?

Claires POV. After I told the boys to leave it was just me and Harry in the pool Harry? I said un sure wether he was going to answer me yes babe said Harry swimming over to me well I just wanted to know if we are.....more than friends? I said starting to shake well babe I guess your un sure if I like you well I can say I do really like you I like you a lot so Claire will you be my girlfriend? Of course I will silly! I said jumping on to him but little did I know that's when things would change. A/N hi guys sorry its been a while since I last updated but I can promise you that there will we drama now and lots of it!
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