Journey to the unknown realm

(Jenny and the gang are back!)
When jenny and thegang get back from the visit to Midnight town they recieve on offer to stay at the perkiest hotel"WONDREFUL WONDERLAND!!"
It is there where they discover a mysterious realm filled with fantasy creatures.


4. Wonderful Wonderland

With my suitcase trailing behind me i walked to Isi's house. As soon as i opened the door to her house, Roger pouced on me licking me all over the face. I giggle as the puppy continued to tickle me with it's tongue. Soon enough Isi appeared from her stairs with her suitcase rolling on the stairs behind her. She was wearing a sky blue top with faded jeans and a red bandana tied firmly on her head.

When we arrived at Zack's house, he came from the kitchen with his face stuffed with blueberry jam. As the gang and i walked to the bus stop, we all chattered excitedly non stop about the hotel and the wonderland.

We all piled into the bus. I sat next to Maryanne, Isi sat next to Joel and Zack sat next  Jack.

When i stepped out of the bus, what lay before my eyes was a colourful  big rainbow. On the rainbow,written in different colours, was the letters 'WONDERFUL WONDERLAND'. Behind was packed with people. As we pushed through the crowd, i gripped onto my back pack tightly. As Joel talked to the recepionist about where the hotel was, the rest of the gang and i looked around. When Joel turned around and gave us a thumbs up, we followed him out of the park. We walked across the road to a very tall building. We looked for room 424 and 423. The girls in room 424 and boys in 423. We all unpacked.

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