Journey to the unknown realm

(Jenny and the gang are back!)
When jenny and thegang get back from the visit to Midnight town they recieve on offer to stay at the perkiest hotel"WONDREFUL WONDERLAND!!"
It is there where they discover a mysterious realm filled with fantasy creatures.


3. Getting Ready

I got the same suitcase i used for my trip to The Midnight town. I started stuffing random and useful things. I was about to zip uo my suitcase when i remembered to pack something. I rummaged through my drawer for the letter. I pulled it out and put it in one of the net pockets inside the suitcase. I went down the spiral stairs to the kitchen. I put a packet of microwaveable popcorn in our new silver and shiny microwave. I propped myself on the couch. Suddenly in saw a sudden glow of light from the window. Blocking my eyes, i rushed to the window. Again i saw the same lady with the glowing white dress. I swung open the door to ask her if she was the one who had left me the letter. Again she had disappeared. Scanned the whole neighborhood but there was no sign of her. I tried to forget about it by putting the thought of the gang and i going to 'Wonderful Wonderland' for two weeks!

I decided to go to sleep early because i was too excited. As soon as my vibrating-with-pain head touched my soft floral patterned pillow i fell straight ot a deep sleep.

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