Skinny Love

But I haven't had the heart to delete it

When Isobel takes her gap year in London, she plans to have a quiet break from school and take orders for her cousin’s bakery. Boy, was she wrong. When she receives a special order from one of the world’s biggest boy bands she makes it her personal mission. She befriends the mega-stars and decides to take her future to the next step and auditions for a role in an upcoming movie. When it doesn’t go as planned she resorts to desperate and devastating measures.


1. The Order


The girl sat behind the display cases crammed full of lavishly decorated cakes and other sweet delicacies. The small bakery on St Katherine's dock was a favorite among many, especially children who dragged their parents along so they could gawk at the fabulous display cakes. Isobel's cousin had a knack for baking which fortunately supplied a job for her. Not many people place orders so Isobel's job was opening the dusty old till and giving change to the small child who ran in from the street after begging her mum for 'that pretty pink cupcake' on the shelf. I suppose that was why she jumped when the phone rang, flustered she took a few seconds to answer it, "Hello, Robin Bird bakery how can I help?" there was a bit of phone passing and shuffling around before she got an answer, "Uh yeah, um hi, I would like to place an order?" "Ok, could you give me you name and contact details please?" more shuffling.
"Liam Payne," She almost dropped the phone, "034 597 8326" 
"Ok thank you. Now what sort of cake were you after?"
"It's for a 24th." the familiarity was creeping back into his voice,
"Ok do you have any ideas for the design?"
"Well, he loves food, he's Irish-" She cut him off, 
"Is it for Niall?" there was a pause at the other end. 
"Um, yes." he sounded uneasy, "How did you know that?"
"Oh I used to be a massive fan when I was younger so it's all come flooding back." she said with a laugh.
"Oh ok that makes sense now." she could just imagine the smile on his face. No, she promised herself she wouldn't fall back into that.
"How much were you looking to spend?"
"Money is no object. And we were wondering if we could pick it up say in about, 9 days time?" 
"Sure!" that would not be enough time, "I'll call you if there is any problems, that okay?"
"Yeah sure, see you, and thanks."
"You're welcome. Bye!"
Isobel slowly put down the receiver. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She sat dumstruck in her chair until her cousin broke her out of her trance, "Who was that?" Chessie walked out from the kitchen wringing her hands in a towel. "Oh um uh, we have an order for a cake."
"Ok, tell me more." she said while flipping through a big folder of cake designs.
"Guy's 24th." 
"Mhmm." she couldn't say anymore, "Isobel, more information! Name, what he wants it to look like." she just stared at her cousin. "Isobel!"
"It's for Niall Horan."//

The shops' orders were put on hold whilst the big order was being made. 9 days wasn't much time at all to prepare a cake like this but for the money and the circumstances it was worth the sleepless nights. Isobel was told to write down everything Niall would want on the cake,
"Is this enough?" she sauntered into the kitchen with the list, holding it out for Chessie to see. Her eyes glided over the page and she snapped it up in her hands, "Yes, I can work with this, I'll design it now."
"Ok just let me know, I'll go and get some groceries, text me." Isobel snatched up her coat from the stand in the door way and stepped out onto the boardwalk. The suprette wasn't too far away from the bakery, but it was hidden down a side street so as to not spoil the look of the dock's trendy shop frontage. She stepped into the alley and walked towards the familiar general store. Grabbing a green basket from the doorway, Isobel worked her way around the shop trying to process what had happened. All her old feelings had come flooding back. As if on cue, the radio station being broadcasted in the shop switched to it's announcer, "Now a highschool hit from 2012! One Direction's Live While We're Young!" Isobel felt as if a tidal wave had just hit her, every tiny little detail resurfaced from the deep corners of her mind. Trying to shake off everything that had happened, she hurriedly payed for the groceries and rushed to the boardwalk. She took one of the pastries she'd brought from the bakery from her bag and dangled her feet over the water, people watching. There were a few people on their boats, emerging from the cabins and stretching, sending puffs of wispy steam from their mouths as they announced to the world they were sleepy. Isobel's phone vibrated in her pocket, "Izzy, I'm done designing, come look!". With a sigh she rose from the damp boards and gathered her shopping. By the time she'd opened the front door of the Robin Bird she had decided she was going to take matters into her own hands and make sure that cake was perfect. 
Hearing the dull thud of the door closing and the rustling of plastic bags, Chessie popped her head into the shop, "Izzy! Come check this out, I've done a rough sketch." placing the bags behind the counter, Isobel walked into the kitchen. On the drawing board (a large sketch pad hanging on the wall) was a magnificent cake. "Explain."//



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