His Assassin.

Cecelia Walker is an assassin. Yes, an 18 year old assassin. Cece's troubled past has lead her to this life of murder. Now, she doesn't seem to mind it or has had any problem with killing any of her other victims. But when she is given the task to kill Harry Styles, the main member in her favorite band, One Direction, she freezes. Will Cecelia fail and end up dead like other failed assassins or will she ever get the guts to kill him?


1. Prologue



"Sorry you had to figure this out the hard way. Now I have to kill you."


My name is Cecelia Walker. I am an assassin. Yes, you read that correctly. It's a screwed up business but, where else do you turn to when both your parents abandon you? I started 3 years ago, when I was just 15. My parents had kicked me out if the house because they were druggies and they "needed their space". I had no where to go. I was an orphan. That is until Geoffrey came along. Geoffrey is my boss. The big shot. Everyone knows not to shit with him. He offered me a position as an assassin noticing the skills I possessed in gymnastics and my fast reflexes. Of course being the screwed up person that I am, I took it thinking it was a joke. I learned to my surprise it wasn't. It was anything but a joke. I was stabbed in 16 different places, lucky to even survive.


Soon after that, I started taking my position seriously. Now here I am having a fucking heart attack over my next victim. Harry Fucking Styles. Yes. Supposedly, Harry had screwed with a pimp's prostitute and didn't pay her the money for 5 sessions. Now I was supposed to go out and just kill him. Yippie.. Geoffrey says that he needs a young girl to lure him in with her looks and then just -- you know what comes next. The only problem is, One Direction is my favorite band of all fucking time. I don't care if the band member is a man whore, I fucking adore him regardless. Now I had to KILL HARRY! No. That's where shit gets tricky. Sadly, in the assassin business there is no way out. It's a kill or be killed situation.




Looks like there's only one way out of this. Well two, if you're counting suicide.


* * *


A/N: Note, this was written a year before I even wrote the rest of the story. So the other chapters are way better written than the prologue.

Peace, Love, and Nandos,


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