His Assassin.

Cecelia Walker is an assassin. Yes, an 18 year old assassin. Cece's troubled past has lead her to this life of murder. Now, she doesn't seem to mind it or has had any problem with killing any of her other victims. But when she is given the task to kill Harry Styles, the main member in her favorite band, One Direction, she freezes. Will Cecelia fail and end up dead like other failed assassins or will she ever get the guts to kill him?


2. Harry, why did you eat my fries?

Chapter 1 
"Harry, why did you eat my fries?"


Cecelia's Point of View

It was unexpected. Yet alone, a difficult task. Not difficult to initiate, but difficult to somehow push myself to do it. Harry Styles, the Harry Styles, of my favorite band. One Direction. I don't understand why I was ever chosen to do such a thing, despite my striking skills. I wasn't pretty, I was only 18, and Geoffrey knows how much I adore this band, and especially Harry.

I slowly paced the hotel lobby of The James NY, where One Direction were staying for the duration of their ongoing tour. It took quite a bit of effort to even manage to book a room here, and money. Lots of money. But I did it, I always do. I guess that's one of the things about me that made me the seemingly perfect choice for this task, in Geoffrey's eyes. Giving up's never an option for me.

"Ma'am, may I help you?" The Spanish doorman eyed me with a sense of disgust. Hey, I wouldn't blame him. I wore filthy, worn out combat boots, tattered denim jeans, a beige crop top exposing my navel, and an oversized Aztec printed cardigan. My dirty blonde mane was tied back into a messy pony tail, and the only makeup I wore was a thick layer of charcoal eyeliner.

Honestly, I had no time to dress like I had even the slightest bit of class. I had to get in, and book a room before those lunatic fangirls beat me to it. Besides, if I waited, I probably would've never even been able to get a room due to the fact that One Direction was already settled in.

"No" I gave a small, phony smile. "I have a room here, I'm just uh.. Actually,  I don't really know what I'm doing here."

"Well, I'm going to have to ask you to stand aside, and by aside I mean make your way to your suite. The band's coming out and we're letting a few fans come in for pictures."

I looked down at my boots, nodding. "S-sure" I could feel my palms begin to moisten, and my knees begin to shake. Hearing that One Direction was even in the same building as me made me all loopy. I sharply turned on my heels and started off to the elevator. As I reached out to click the button, signaling its arrival, the doors to the elevator opened. Out stepped each member of One Direction, followed by 2 well built bodyguards. I had to literally catch my jaw from falling on the floor.

Each boy looked more attractive in person. Thus, making my cheeks turn a pale complexion of pink. I slipped into the elevator behind them, as they made their way out.

Harry's Point of View

Nudging Niall, I spoke quietly. "I'm not up for this shit today."

"I don't really think any of us are, but it's only a couple pictures. A few autographs." He shoved his hands in the pockets of his khakis.

I sighed, and turned to look back at the elevator. Briefly, I locked a gaze with a girl, before the elevator's doors closed and she disappeared. She seemed like she didn't fit in with the atmosphere of this hotel, judging by what she wore. I liked it. I was now curious, I just had to watch it before curiosity got a vicious grip on me.

"Did you see her? You know, that girl?" I nudged Niall again.

"Who?" He whipped his head around. "Who???"

"Nevermind.." Good, none of them noticed her but me, I hoped. I did't want anyone getting in the way of my whereabouts tonight. As always.

~ ~ ~

"Cheers, to the good life" Zayn chuckled, raising his glass. Each of us shouted "Cheers!" in unison and clinked our glasses together. I took a brisk swig of my beer and then set it down on the bar counter.

It was about 10 pm, and the lads and I were out drinking. Routine for us. I was still curious about that girl earlier, I was hoping I could slip away to find her. I don't know how, but it shouldn't be that much of an obstacle.

Cecelia's Point of View

I sat at the back of the bar, munching on a French fry drenched in ketchup. I was contemplating whether I'd introduce myself to Harry today, or procrastinate. I was scared, no doubt about it. But my life was at stake here, I don't want to risk it all for a person who most likely doesn't even know I exist. Well, I think he knows I exist. If I'm not mistaken, Harry and I shared a glance at each other. I don't know about him, but I felt those 3 seconds were pretty intense. My insides were doing cartwheels.

"You" A raspy voice says from behind me.

"Me" I turn around, only to meet eyes with Harry. "Oh my god, no, YOU"

"Me?" He took a seat in front of me, Harry Styles was actually sitting in front of me. 

"Yes! You! Harry Styles!"

"Why so cheery?" He laughed, flashing his perfect, pearl white teeth.

"Because it's you!" I could feel my heart begin to race.

"But I'm only me"

Gosh, he was such a charmer. I'm actually talking to him. What is life? I think I'm going to pass out. Like, seriously.

"But um, enough of the games. I wanna buy you a drink." He reaches out, grabs one of my fries, and pops it into  his mouth.

Again, I think my jaw ran away or something, cause I was lost for words.

"I take that as a yes?"

"Harry, why did you eat my fries? I bought them, and they were mine, but you ate them, yeah you ate my fries, and I cried, but you didn't see me cry" 
Yes, I actually said that. No, I sung it. This is what I get for watching Adventure Time right before I went to sleep last night. He cracked up, his laugh was like an angel's. I swear.

"I'll buy you more fries!"

"When?" Dammit Cecelia! Think before you fucking yap!

"Tomorrow?" He stole another one of my fries, this time dunking it in ketchup.

"Sure" I smiled, pushing the platter towards him.

"Seems like a plan."

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