Love you too

Alexis and her girls have always been close to one driection. But when they both start going to a super exclsive celbrity boarding school... Crazy things happen


1. Moving day

"FOR THE LOVE OFF ALL THINGS RESONABLE WHY IN THE LORDS NAME DID WE GET THE DORM FARTHEST FROM THE FREAKING ENTRANCE" I yelled to my three best friends katie,ashley,and taylor. "Idk" shrugged katie. When she shrugged two bags came crashing down her thin arm. "OW OW OW OW OK OWWWW" she cried as she attempted to lift the 59 lb bags off her arms. "FINALLY" yelled ashley in her cute southwren twang. Me and ashley are the inly southern girls in our group. "Alexis" i heard my name and spun around nearly breaking the heel (and my ankle) of my new jimmy choos. "Where in Lords name are you going to put all this stuff?" inquired joe my longtime bodygaurd. Yes bodygaurd, me and my 3 bestfriends are not only daughters of billionaires we are also a band. A quite succesful one at that. "Welll" I said "Joey-poo They are going to go into my room" i said as i grabbed the new purple key from my purse and twisted in the lock. Ok lemme start from the begging. My name is Alexis Sweet daughter of billionare James Sweet. My best friends are Ariana short, Ashley Thompson,Trina Webb. We go to a preforming arts high school/ college. We are now moving in for our last four years. Each group of four gets theyre own house. I obvs share mine with the girls.
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