Prince Charming

Skylar and her family spend the summer in England. While in England, she receives an amazing birthday present. When she goes to a One Direction concert and meet the boys will she find her true love? What will happen when Skylar goes back home and the boys continue on with their tour?


6. Surprise Party

   I wake up Friday morning and look at the clock. It's 9:30 AM. I look out the window and see the sun shining. I change into running clothes, put my hair up, and grab my ipod. I walk out the door and start my run. I don't know what it is but England has changed me. Back home, I would never go for a run. Hopefully I keep this up. I like it and it keeps me in a good mood.

  After lunch, the girls' show up and we hang out. Around supper time, Briley walks to my closet and walks over to me with a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top in her hands. "Go put this on." She says. "Why?" "We're going out." Andie says. "So I have to change clothes?" "Yes. Now go." Briley says while pushing the clothes into my hands and pushing me towards the bathroom. I change clothes, put a little make-up on, and brush my hair. "Let's go." Carson says and grabs my hand pulling me out to the car.

  We sing to 'Up All Night' and 'Live While We're Young' on the way to wherever we are going. Not long after, we pull into a parking lot. I look at the sign and notice it's a bowling and skating place. We walk inside when all of a sudden, "Surprise!" I hear and look at everyone. All the friends that I've made are here. "Happy birthday Skylar." The girls' say. "Thanks." We walk over to our friends and talk for a few minutes before breaking into groups to bowl and skate.

   "I can't believe you guys' did this for me." I tell the girls'. "It's no big deal." Andie says. "You guys' wanna bowl?" Someone behind me says. I turn around and see Chase. I smile and nod. "Sure." Carson says. We get shoes, balls, and begin bowling. After a couple of games, we eat some pizza and cake. "So Skylar, how are you?" Chase asks. "I'm doing pretty good. You?" "Not bad." "How was your day with your friends on Wednesday?" "It was ok. A little boring cause we just played the same games as normal." "A guy getting bored with video games? Impossible." I say and chuckle. "Sometimes it happens." He says giving me a smile.

  About a hour and a half later, it is only me and Chase at the table. I begin to wonder where the girls' are cause I don't see them. "You wanna go skate?" Chase asks. "Sure, but I should warn you I'm not that good." "It's ok. I'll help you." We stand up and go get our skates. Chase gets the right size the first time, but it takes me a couple of times until I get the right size. "You didn't have to wait on me." I tell Chase. "But then I wouldn't be a good friend. Come on." He says and steps out on the floor. I hesitate but follow him.

  We skate around a couple of times going super slow. I try to go a little faster but end up falling on my butt. Chase looks down and reaches out a hand to help me up. I grab it and he pulls me up. "Thanks." I say shyly. "You ok?" "Yeah. It didn't hurt to much." He keeps his hand in mine as we continue to skate. I eventually spot Briley and see gives me a huge smile and a thumbs up. I look at her and shake my head no.

  "I'm getting a little thirsty. Want to go get something to drink?" I ask Chase. "Ok." He says. We get a drink and sit down. The song then changes to a slow one and I'm glad we got a drink when we did. After a while, we go back to skating and the girls' join us.

  A hour later, we are sitting down at a table eating pizza. Andie gets up and next thing I know, everyone is gathered around with presents. "You guys' didn't have to get me anything." I say. "Nonsense." One of my friend says. I open my presents. I get mostly CDs, movies, and some clothes. Chase gives me a bracelet with music notes. It's really pretty. Then from the girls', I get a One Direction poster and shirt, a couple of books, and a video camera. "Thanks everyone. I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday. You all made it special." I say. Some of them reply back and then we all move on to our own things. The girls', Chase, a few of his friends, and I start another game of bowling.

  When the place gets ready to close, everyone begins to leave and I give them all a hug and a thank you. Chase gives me a hug and I say thank you and that I'll see him Monday morning. He leaves and we get into the car with my presents. When we get to my house, they help me with my presents. Before they leave, I give them hugs and thank them once again.

  I sit on the couch and turn the TV on. Shortly, my parents and brother come in. My dad mutes the TV. "Hey." I say kinda objecting to what he did. "We have presents for you." My mom says. I open my presents. My brother gets me piano book. "Thanks Bro." "No problem. It has a lot of your favorite songs." He says. I skim the contents page and see a couple of One Direction songs, Taylor Swift, Glorianna, Katy Perry, and other artists. I then open the present from my parents. Inside are two tickets, two backstage passes, and two meet and greets to the one and only One Direction! I squeal and jump up giving them both hugs. "Thank you sooooo much!" "Originally, I was planning on taking you but I figure that you can go with a friend." My mom says. My smile drops a little. I have to choose which friend to take with me to the concert. This is gonna be hard. "Thanks again." I say and then go to my room. 

  'Who should I take? We all love the boys how can I choose?' I start to think. After a while, I decide on which one to take with me. I pick up my phone and dial the number. "Hey Skylar." "Hey." "What's up? Is something wrong?" "No. I actually have good news." "Well what is it?" "Tomorrow night, you and I are going to a One Direction concert, with backstage passes and meet and greet." I say. "Ahhhhhhhh!" "Briley. Calm down." "I can't believe this! But how?" "My parents. It's my birthday present. I want to take all of you but I can't. I thought long and hard about it and I want you to go with me." "This is soo cool! Don't worry, I'm going with you." "Sweet." We talk a little more about the concert and then hang up. I get ready for bed and fall asleep with a smile on my face. Today was amazing.

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