Prince Charming

Skylar and her family spend the summer in England. While in England, she receives an amazing birthday present. When she goes to a One Direction concert and meet the boys will she find her true love? What will happen when Skylar goes back home and the boys continue on with their tour?


5. Sleepovers and Secrets

   Ten minutes later, I pull up to Andie's house. I get out and lock the car before putting the keys in my pocket. I'm about to knock on the door when it opens and my friends are standing in front of me. They pull me in and we head upstairs to Andie's room.

    We sit down in a circle and begin talking. I tell the girls' about meeting Chase. It turns out that Chase is one of their friends. They tell me about some of their other friends. We hear the doorbell ring and Andie leaves to answer the door. She comes back up with pizza and drinks. We pick out a movie and put it in. We eat, talk, and watch the movie.

  After the movie, we talk about One Direction. "Who is your favorite boy?" I ask my friends. "Harry." Carson says. "Zayn." Andie says. "Louis. But also Liam." Briley says. "What about you Skylar?" Andie asks. "Niall and Liam." "Which one more though?" Carson asks. I think about both boys for a minute. "Niall." I say and blush a bit. "There's nothing to be ashamed of. We're girls. They're guys. We like what we see." Briley says and we burst into laughter.

  We then talk about boys we dated. It turns out that I am the only one who has only had one boyfriend. They are all shocked. They couldn't believe that I had so many guy friends but didn't get a boyfriend until I was fifteen. Afterwords, we head to bed.

   The next day, we all spend the night at Carson's. It may seem like we don't have anything else to talk about but you are wrong. We have plenty more to talk about. That is after we go to a party.

    That night, we load up into the car and head to the party. I'm introduced to some of their friends and then I see Chase. He walks over to me and we all hang out and dance. At 1 AM, we leave and go back to Carson's.

    "What was going on between you and Chase?" Andie asks. "What do you mean?" "He would not leave your side at all. You were like his eye candy." Briley says. "We're just friends guys'. Nothing else." "I think he likes you." Carson says. "I don't think so. We just have a lot in common is all." I say. "Oh come on! We can all tell he likes you. He wouldn't even look at the girl he's been crushing on for two years. He only had eyes for you." Briley says. "Whatever. Can we just go to bed now?" I ask. "Sure but just think about what we've said." Andie says and smiles. We change and go to sleep.

  The following day, we go to the mall and go shopping. While in the book store, I run into Chase. "Oh hey Chase." "Hey Skylar." "Didn't have to work today?" "On Wednesdays, I work half days and then normally hang with some friends." "I see. So what brings you here?" I ask. "Just meeting some guys' at the arcade but wanted to come get a book first." I look over Chase's shoulder and see the girls' waving to me. "Sounds fun." "Yeah." "Well I have to go. I'm being summoned by the girls'. I'll see ya later?" I say. "Alright. See ya." He says and smiles.

  I walk over to the girls' and they are smiling like crazy. "Cut it out." I say. "He so likes you." Carson says. "You guys' have already said that." "Yet you don't believe us." Briley says. "I know. Let's go get some lunch." I say. They nod and we go to the food court for lunch.

  After we get done shopping, we go to Briley's house for the night. We order Chineese food and watch the Twilight movies. Afterwords, we stay up still 3 AM talking. As the girls' sleep, and stare up at the ceiling thinking about Chase. Yes, he's cute but I only like him as a friend. I will have to make sure I tell him I just want to be friends. I fall asleep.

  The next morning about 11 AM, Carson, Andie, and I all go back home. When I arrive, I ask my mom if they can spend the night. She says no but that they can come over for supper. I text them and let them know.

To: Andie, Carson, Briley

Hey. You guys' want to come for dinner at my place?

From: Briley


From: Andie

Of course.

From: Carson


I then text them my address and get on my laptop until they arrive.

  I answer the door and lead the girls' inside. My mom walks in and I introduce my friends. Then we all sit down for dinner. I can tell my how well the conversation is going that my family likes them. After dinner and more talking they leave.

  That night, we all talk on the phone. We talk about boys, clothes, and our deepest darkest secrets. It was a good time and I can't wait to hang out with them again.


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