Prince Charming

Skylar and her family spend the summer in England. While in England, she receives an amazing birthday present. When she goes to a One Direction concert and meet the boys will she find her true love? What will happen when Skylar goes back home and the boys continue on with their tour?


10. Hanging with the Boys

~Skylar's POV~

        "So what are we going to do today boys?" I ask. "Well we can stay in and watch movies or actually go somewhere and do something. It's your choice Skylar." Zayn says. "Could we watch a couple of movies and possibly go play some laser tag or something." "Sure." Harry says. "What movie should we watch?" Louis asks. Liam and Niall look over at me but I say, "You boys choose. I don't really care." They nod and then Niall gets up and walks over to the TV.

           We all settle on the couch and floor. Niall is sitting on my right and Liam on my left, leaving the other three to the floor. "So what movie did you choose Niall?" I ask. "Just wait and see." He replies. The main menu pops up and I take notice of the title as Niall hits play. He chose The Sandlot. "I love this movie!" I exclaim. I get looks from the guys', but then they turn their attention back to the movie.

          After watching the movie, we all agreed that we couldn't just stop at that one, but that we had to watch the other two movies as well. We finish the third movie and I take note of the time. "Guys', I'm hungry." "Me too." Niall says. We get up and talk about where to go for lunch. "I vote for Nandos!" "You always want Nandos Niall." Liam says and I laugh as the boys' roll their eyes. "What's Nandos?" All the boys' look at me and gasp. "You've never been to Nandos?!" Niall exclaims. I shake my head and say, "I've only been here for about ten days and there aren't any places in America with the name Nandos." "Well it looks like we are taking you to Nandos." Louis says and we all leave the house to go get lunch.

         As we sit down and eat our food, the lads ask me questions about America.They seem to be really interested in what I have to say. "How do you like the food?" Zayn asks. "It's really good. Glad you guys brought me here." We finish eating and discuss what to do next. "I like the idea of laser tag." I tell them. We throw around some other ideas before voting on laser tag.

Once we get to the place, we divide up into teams. Niall, Louis, and I are on one team and Liam, Harry, and Zayn are on the other team. We put on our gear and the game commences. After we finish playing, we get our results. Turns out that my team won most of the games and I even had the most shots. "Nice job Skylar." Liam says. "Thanks." The boys agree and we get into the car. "Would you like to stay for dinner?" Louis asks. "I would love to boys', but I should probably be getting home. I hope you understand." "Of course we do. We'll drive you home." Zayn replys. I don't try arguing with them and tell Liam my address. We talk the whole way to the flat.

"Thanks for letting me hang with you all. I had a good time." I tell them. "So did we. We'll have to do this again soon." Harry says. "Thanks again guys'." I say and hop out of the car. Before I shut the door, I take off Niall's jacket and give it back to him. "You can...." "It's alright. Plus I may need it next time I'm over." I say smiling. I see Niall blush and then tell them goodbye before going inside.

During dinner, I stay quiet and just replay today's events in my head. After dinner, I head up to my room and get ready for bed even though it's still a bit early. Spending a whole day with the boys of One Direction really wore me out. I fall asleep thinking about Niall.

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