Prince Charming

Skylar and her family spend the summer in England. While in England, she receives an amazing birthday present. When she goes to a One Direction concert and meet the boys will she find her true love? What will happen when Skylar goes back home and the boys continue on with their tour?


4. Going for a Run

    The next morning, Monday, I wake up at 6 AM. 'This is not me. I am not a morning person. Why am I up this early?' I say to myself. I know I won't be able to get back to sleep so I decide to go for a run. I throw on a pair of running shorts and a tank top then put my hair up in a ponytail. I grab my ipod, headphones, and shoes and walk to the kitchen. I grab a pen and paper and scribble a note to my parents. 'Went for a run. Be back in a while. Skylar. I put my shoes on and walk out the door while putting my music on.

   I don't know where to run to so I just decide to go wherever my feet lead me. When I slow down my pace in order to catch my breath, I see a music store. I slow down to a walk and turn my music off before going inside. I look around and see all sorts of instruments. Pianos, drums, guitars, trumpets, saxophones, etc. I walk over and look at the guitars even though I don't know how to play. There's just something about them that catches my attention. That is until I see a beautiful piano over in the corner.

   I walk over to it and run my fingers across the keys. It feels so nice just to feel the keys. I've been playing piano and taking lessons for five years now but I had to take cancel lessons for the summer and there isn't a piano at the house. I close my eyes and picture myself playing my contest pieces just a few months ago.

  "Is there something I can help you with?" A sweet voice says. I open my eyes to see a brown haired, blue eyed boy standing next to the piano. He's only a couple inches taller than me and looks to be about the same age. "No. I was just admiring the piano." I say. "Do you play?" He asks. "Yeah. Five years." "Wow. You must be pretty good then." "I guess you could say that." "My name's Chase by the way." He says. "I'm Skylar. Do you play as well?" "I play a little bit of piano and guitar but mostly drums." "Impressive." I say and give him a smile. "I haven't seen you around London before. Are you new?" "Kinda. My here for the summer with my family." "Enjoying yourself?" "Oh yeah. The weather is great and I've already made a few friends. Each day just seems to be getting better." We talk for a little while longer and decide to hang out later after he gets off work. I wave goodbye to him and walk out the door.

   I turn my music back on and begin my run back home. 'Chase is really nice. Kinda cute. I just want to be his friend though. Plus things wouldn't work out anyway.' I begin to think. I then think of my ex-boyfriend and best friend. Before I get too wrapped up in my thoughts, Taylor Swift 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' plays and I stop thinking of them. I arrive back at the house at 8 AM and find my mom awake and reading a book on the couch. I grab a granola bar and bottle of water before sitting down on the couch.

    My mom put down her book and looks at me. "How was your run?" "It was great. I ended up at a music store and made a new friend." "That's great Honey." She says and starts to pick up her book. "Mom?" I ask. "Yes." "What do you think of me taking lessons at the music store for the summer?" "That would be fine with me if its what you want. I know you love playing and when you found out there wasn't a piano here, I say the sad look in your eyes." "Its what I want. Thanks Mom." "No problem Sweetie." She says and gives me a kiss on the forehead before going back to her book.

   I get up and go to my room to take a shower. I throw on a pair of jean shorts and a tank top. Then I fix my fair and put on a little make-up. After I'm all ready for the day, I get on Facebook and Twitter. I update what I've been up to and then log off.

  I spend most of the morning at home watching TV and reading a book. At 1:30 PM, my phone vibrates and I get a text from Chase.

I get off in 30 minutes. Meet me at the store?

Yeah. I'll be there shortly.

  I put my phone back in my pockets and grab my shoes. While putting them on, I tell my mom that I'm going to meet up with a friend. I leave and walk to the store. When I get there, Chase is waiting outside for me. When he sees me, he smiles and I smile back. "Want to go to the mall?" Chase asks. "Sure." I say. As we walk to the mall, I ask him about the possibility of taking lessons. He said that I could take lessons and we decide on early morning at 7:30 on Mondays. Then we talk about the things we like to do and like.

   A couple hours later, we make our way back to the music store. He asks me where I live and I tell him. He says he only leaves a few streets over and we walk toward our houses. On a corner, we say goodbye and go our separate ways.

  I get home and shortly receive a call from Andie and I pick it up. "Hey Skylar." "Hey Andie. What's up?" "The girls' are coming over to my house to spend the night. You wanna come?" "Of course. Just let me make sure its okay." "Alright." I set the phone down and walk into the kitchen. I ask my mom if I can stay at Andie's and she says yes. I go back to the living room and pick up my phone. "Andie?" "Yeah." "I can come over." "Sweet. Make sure to bring your bathing suit." "Ok. What's your address?" She tells me her address and then we hang up. I go upstairs and pack my things. I ask to take one of the cars and get permission. Then I make my way to Andie's house.

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