Prince Charming

Skylar and her family spend the summer in England. While in England, she receives an amazing birthday present. When she goes to a One Direction concert and meet the boys will she find her true love? What will happen when Skylar goes back home and the boys continue on with their tour?


11. Girls' Day Out

~Skylar's POV~

     The following day, I get a text from Briley saying we're having a girls' day out and that they'll pick me up in half an hour. I watch TV and then when I hear a car horn, I grab my purse and make my way to the car hopping in the back next to Andie. "Hey guys'." "Hey." "Hi." "What's up?" They say. "What do you have planned for today?" "First, we're going to the mall to shop and then getting mani-pedis." Carson says. "Nice." I reply. On the ride to the mall, a One Direction song comes on. We sing along and then start talking about the boys.

     By now, we've reached the mall and begun shopping. This trip, I don't buy much seeing as I've been shopping quite a bit since arriving. We get some lunch and then make our way to the nail salon. Lucky for us, we get seated right by each other. Somehow, we get back on topic about the lads of One Direction.

     Briley looks at me and asks, "Can I tell them? Please?" I nod my head yes. "So Skylar's parents got her concert tickets, backstage passes, and meet and greet tickets to One Direction the other night. There were only two. She really wanted to take all of us. I hope you guys' understand but I went with her." Andie and Carson nod their heads as a way to say that they understand. "Anyways, we got to talking with them and it was incredible! The best part though, we got their numbers!" "Ahhhh!!!" The other two scream. "How?" Carson asks. "We were getting ready to leave when Niall stopped us and asked us for our numbers so we can all hang out again." Briley continues. "My goodness. Hopefully, you'll invite us along as well?" Andie asks. "Of course."

     "There's actually something else that happened too." I pipe up. I don't want to tell them but since they are my friends, I feel like I should. "What?" Briley questions me. "Well I was out running yesterday when I bumped into Liam. He invited me over for breakfast and I accepted. Then afterwords, when I was about to leave, Louis invited me to hang out with them." "And you said yes right?" Andie says. "I did. We watched movies, played laser tag, and even went to Nando's. Oh and Niall let me borrow one of his jackets." I look down and feel myself blush a bit.

     "Oh my goodness!" Briley says. "What?" We all question her. "I think Niall might like you." "Why would you say that?" "Well, the other night he was speechless around you, kept looking and smiling at you, and then he let you wear his jacket. Boys are only like that when they like a girl." "And how would you know?" "Trust me," Carson says. "She has plenty of knowledge when it comes to guys." "It's possible. But do you really think he would fall for me? I mean I'm nothing special and it probably wouldn't work out since I live in America and he's here." "Don't doubt things. Besides, how do you feel about him?" Carson says.

     Once again, I look down. "Well...he is cute and funny and has a great voice...and I couldn't stop smiling when I was around him. I guess maybe I like him a bit?" The girls' squeal and then Briley says, "Girlfriend, you are head over heals for him. Trust me." "I don't know. Maybe I am." We change the topic and start about other things.

    After our hands and feet have dried, we get back into the car and decide to stop for ice cream before departing ways.The girls' drop me off at my house and I decide to just watch some TV in order to relax. After supper, my family and I decide to play a game. Once we finish with the game, I go up to my room and go to bed.

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