Prince Charming

Skylar and her family spend the summer in England. While in England, she receives an amazing birthday present. When she goes to a One Direction concert and meet the boys will she find her true love? What will happen when Skylar goes back home and the boys continue on with their tour?


8. Finding My Princess

~Niall's POV~

   The lads and I rehearse most of the morning for our concert tonight and then just chill out afterwords. When it's time for the meet and greet, I hear tons of talking as we make our way to the table. I sit down on the far end next to Liam. We sign stuff for the girls and even talk with them a bit.

  I look up from signing a CD and see a girl with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. I smile at her and she says hi to me. I just look at her until Liam nudges me and then I respond. The lads and I talk with the girl and her friend. I hear her friend ask for a picture with us. "Of course Love." Louis says. We stand up and take a few pictures with them. I make sure I'm standing by the brown haired girl.

  When the two girls leave, all of the boys turn to me. "I think Niall likes someone." Harry says. "He couldn't stop looking at her." Zayn says. "Shut up." I say and blush. "It's ok Niall. You did only have eyes for her though." Liam says. "Can we just get back to the signing?" I ask and we finish up.

  As we change into our first set of clothes, I can't stop thinking about the brown haired, blue eyed girl. "Two minutes til show time." Someone says. We head to the stage and put in the ear plugs and pick up our microphones. The introductory video starts and when it gets done, we run on stage and start singing 'Na, Na, Na'.

  As we continue to sing, I look for the girl who blew my mind away. I think I spot her but can't be positive. It comes time to answer questions from Twitter. We tell a few jokes and do our impressions of each other. Liam does a handstand and falls over when Harry hits him in the balls. I crack up laughing. I then do my Irish dance just like the tweet had I asked.

  I look back at the screen and my favorite tweet pops up. "This is my favorite tweet. This has been the BEST birthday present EVER!!! From Skylar. Section 2, row 5, seat 14 and 15." We look in that direction and I spot the girl. She waves and we say happy birthday to her and smile. She smiles back. My heart skips a beat. The way she smiles, lights up the room. I continue to look at her until I hear Liam say, "You okay mate?" I nod my head and turn back to the screen.

  We finish answering questions and go on with the singing. We get closer to the end of the show and we have two songs left. The stage goes black and I walk backstage and grab my guitar. I come back out and we take our places on the boxes. I start playing and then Zayn starts singing. I glance over at Skylar periodically. When I sing my solo, I look straight at her. She blushes but then smiles.

  We finish the song and move on to the last one, 'What Makes You Beautiful'. Each time we sing the chorus, I can't help but look at Skylar and smile. When we get done, we head backstage and to the dressing room. I grab a bottle of water and chug it down. I pull out my phone and take a seat.

  Shortly, someone knocks on the door and Zayn tells them to come in. I hear Liam say, "Hello girls." The rest of us look up. Standing there is Skylar and her friend. They say hello and then Harry and Zayn get up and take them back over to the couch to sit.

  "Did you enjoy the concert?" Louis asks. "Yes. It was amazing. You guys are really talented." Skylar replies. "Thanks Love." Zayn says. As they ask a few more questions, I can't help but look at Skylar. She smiles at me and I smile back. I try to think of something to say but am speechless. All I can do is look at how beautiful Skylar is. "Talk with them and act cool Man." Liam whispers in my ear. I then get up the courage to talk to them. "What was your favorite part of the show?" "I liked the questions and the dance for 'C'mon, C'mon.' " Skylar's friend says. "And you?" I ask Skylar as I continue to look at her. "I also liked the question segment. My favorite performances were 'Little Thing' and 'What Makes You Beautiful.' But overall it was really good." She replies and looks down. When she says that my mind starts racing. 'Was it because I couldn't take my eyes off of her?'

   We continue talking with the two and I finally learn the other girl's name is Briley. They say they have to leave and start for the door. 'Do let her go without getting her number.' A voice in my head tells me. "Wait." They turn around and look at me. "We should all hang out again." I say and the boys nod in agreement. "Sure." Skylar says. "Cool. How about you give us your numbers that way we can make plans." I suggest. She nods and we all exchange numbers. We tell Briley and Skylar bye and they tell us bye and leave.

 "Someone's in loooove." Louis says. "I am not!" "Niall," Liam says. "I believe you are. You couldn't stop looking at her all night." "And you were speechless when it came to talking with her." Harry points out. "Ok. Maybe I do like her." I admit. "Like? C'mon Niall. We all know you are head over heels for Skylar." Zayn says. I say and flop down on the couch. "I think she might be my princess." I admit. "Awwwww." The boys say.

 We get changed and head back to the hotel. I get something to eat and then go straight to bed. All I can think about is Skylar. I fall asleep and dream of her.

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