Prince Charming

Skylar and her family spend the summer in England. While in England, she receives an amazing birthday present. When she goes to a One Direction concert and meet the boys will she find her true love? What will happen when Skylar goes back home and the boys continue on with their tour?


13. Concert

~Skylar's POV~

     Saturday morning, I decide not to go for a run that way I'm not too tired for the boys' concert this afternoon. Instead, I just relax around the house. It feels nice to take a day off from exercising. It gives me time to really enjoy my summer. At 11, I decide to get ready for the day. I have a feeling the boys' will be texting me soon to go get some food before heading to the arena.

     After I've had some lunch, I sit down to watch some TV show while still waiting for a text from one of the boys'. About 2 o'clock, I receive a text from Liam saying they'll be here in ten. I go back to my room to check my makeup and brush my hair. I then grab my purse and a few other things that I might want for tonight. I'm waiting outside the flat when the boys' pull up. I see Louis driving and Harry in the front seat. Liam opens the back door and allows me to get in. Once I'm in and situated, Louis drives off and we begin having a conversation. "Are you excited about tonight Skylar?" Harry asks. "Yeah. You could say that. Probably more nervous than anything though." "Nervous? You? What do you have to be nervous about?" Zayn asks. "Well I guess that it's the fact I'm hanging with you guys and I've never been backstage at a concert before." "You'll love it. Trust me." Louis says. I give off a look and the other boys' laugh.

     When we get to the arena, Liam introduces me to their tour manager and security, Paul Higgins, and then a couple other security guards before they decide to give me a tour of the entire arena. "Wow. This place is huge and amazing." "We've said that ourselves." Niall says chuckling. We reach the stage and the lights turn on. My jaw instantly drops. "Wow." The boys' just laugh and make their way onstage. "Alright lads', time for sound check." Paul says while handing them their mics and the band comes out. I decide to take a seat and listen to sound check.

     I have a blast listening to the boys' rehearse because they are goofing off. Once they finish, I walk on stage so I can introduce myself to the band but Liam beats me to it. "Skylar, let me introduce you to the band. On drums we have Josh, keyboard is Jon, guitar is Dan, and bass is Sandy." "Nice to meet you guys'." "Hello." "Nice to meet you too." The band members say. "I'm tired, let's go to the dressing room." Harry says and we follow after while chatting.

     For the next couple of hours, we just hang around backstage talking and goofing off. Around 7, a few ladies come into the room. "Alright boys'. Time to change and get your makeup and hair done." There are some groans from them, but then they do as they are told. "Who's your friend?" One of the ladies ask. "Oh, right. Lou, this is Skylar. Skylar, this is our stylist Lou." Niall says. "Nice to meet you." I say to Lou as she pauses from doing his hair to shake my hand. After the boys' are set to go, we spend time just joking around in the dressing room.

     "Five minutes." Paul comes in the room and tells us. "Let's go boys'." Louis says with excitement. We make our way back towards the stage. I can tell that the boys' are really excited. They grab their mics and earpieces. I then hug each one of them and wish them good luck. Then they rush out on stage and begin singing. I stand at the side next to Paul just jamming out and laughing. About an hour later, the boys' finish the concert. They run backstage and wrap me in a group hug. "Ewww, guys' you're all sweaty. Get off me." "You know you like it." Harry says cheekily. We laugh and they get off me. We head to the dressing rooms so they can change clothes and shower if they want. While I wait on them to get cleaned up, I talk with Paul and Lou. They still me a few stories of the lads' and I get help but not laugh.

     "I'm hungry!!" Niall shouts as he takes a seat in one of the chairs. "We'll get you all some food. Just chill Niall." Paul says. I laugh and Niall gives me a playful glare. The rest of the boys' finish up and we get into the black van to go get some food. "Do you want to come back to our house or want us to drop you off at home?" Liam asks. "If you don't mind, I'd like to hang out with you guys' longer." "YES!!!!" Niall, Louis, and Zayn exclaim. The rest of us just laugh at them.

     Once we have our food, Paul drives us to the boys' house. I'm shocked at how big it is. "Well, what do you think?" Liam asks. "It's so nice. And huge." They laugh at me as I continue to look around in utter awe. "Well let's eat and then we can give you a tour before we just relax." I nod my head and that's exactly what we do.

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