Prince Charming

Skylar and her family spend the summer in England. While in England, she receives an amazing birthday present. When she goes to a One Direction concert and meet the boys will she find her true love? What will happen when Skylar goes back home and the boys continue on with their tour?


12. Bowling

~Skylar's POV~

     Wednesday night, my friends and I decide on going bowling the following day. As I get ready for the day, I receive a text. I check my phone to see a text from Louis.

Wanna hang out with me and the boys today?

I would love to but I'm actually hanging out with some friends.

What are you guys gonna do?

Bowling. What if you guys join us? I know my friends wouldn't mind. In fact they are fans of you guys.

We'll be there. What time?

11. See ya Lou.


Once I'm ready, I text the girls' and let them know that the boys of One Direction are going to come bowling with us and they are all excited. At 10:45, I get in the car and make my way to the bowling alley. Once I'm inside I see the girls' along with Chase. "Hey guys'." "Hi." They say in unison. "I hope you don't mind that I'm joining but I wanted to hang with you guys'." Chase tells me. "No, it's fine. It'll be great. It can be us five against the lads." "Who?" Chase asks. "Oh right. The other day, I hung out with One Direction and they wanted to hang today but I told them I was busy but then decide to invite them to join and they accepted." Chase nods his head and we all get our shoes and balls while waiting for the boys.

Once the boys' have arrived and have everything, I introduce them to Andie, Carson, Briley, and Chase. They agree to it being us verses them and we begin bowling. While we bowl, the boys talk with my friends and they all seem to be getting along. I'm pretty happy about that. After playing two games, where I won and so did me and my friends, we are all hungry.

"How about we go grab some food. On us?" Liam asks. "That sounds great but you don't have to pay." I respond. "Nonsense Skylar. We want to." Zayn says. "Ok fine." I tell them. We get into our cars and follow the boys. They lead us to a café. We decide to put two tables together. Once we've ordered our food, we sit there talking and joking around. By the end of dinner, it's me, the boys, and Carson left because the others had things going on.

Outside at the cars, we say goodbye to Carson. "So Skylar, we have a question for you." Harry says. "Alright. What is it?" "We were wondering if maybe you would like to come to our concert this weekend." He continues. "Really? You guys want me there?" "Of course we do. We love hanging with you and we thought it would be cool to invite you to the concert so we can hang and you can see everything that goes on behind the scenes." Louis says. "I would like that." I tell them. "Awesome. We'll pick you up Saturday afternoon then." Niall says. "Cool." I tell all the boys bye and give them each a hug and kiss on the cheek. When I look at Niall, I see him blushing a bit. After that, I head home and just relax for the rest of the evening.

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