Prince Charming

Skylar and her family spend the summer in England. While in England, she receives an amazing birthday present. When she goes to a One Direction concert and meet the boys will she find her true love? What will happen when Skylar goes back home and the boys continue on with their tour?


7. A Dream Come True

   Saturday, I wake up at 10 AM. I'm not in the mood to run today so I get up and get ready for the day. When I walk downstairs, I'm just in time for lunch. We sit down to eat and begin talking. When finished, I clean up the table and sit down on the couch to watch TV. My phone vibrates and I look at it to see that I have a new text.

From: Briley     Can I spend the night?

To: Briley       Of course. Come over whenever you are ready.

From: Briley   Sweet! Be there shortly.

   After about fifteen minutes, I hear a car door shut and get up to let Briley in. I open the door just as she's about to knock. "Come on in." I say and help her with her bags as we walk to my room. We sit down on my bed and she gives me a huge smile. "Why are you smiling at me like that?" "Because of what happened last night." "What do you mean?" "You and Chase." I have been wondering when one of them would mention Chase. They are all dead set on believing Chase likes me, but I think he just wants to be friends.

  "Let me guess. You're going to tell me that he likes me right?" I ask. "He does. Believe me. The way he seemed to always be around you says something." "We're just friends. Nothing more." "For now," She says. "He helped you when you fell while skating..." "He was being nice." I interrupt. "But he continued to hold your hand." "Just to keep me steady for a couple of laps. If he really likes me then when a few slow songs came on, he would've asked to skate." "He does like you!" Briley exclaims. "How do you know?" I question. "Chase hasn't dated anyone since seventh grade. And the same thing happened then that is happening now." "What do you mean?" She tells me about how Chase got nervous around his crush but was always there for the girl. I still don't believe he likes me. Besides it wouldn't work out anyway.

  After our convo about Chase, it's 3 PM. We decide to get ready for the concert. "I still can't believe we are going to see One Direction!" Briley yells. "I know. This is soo exciting." Briley changes into a pair of capris and a floral top while I change into a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt. We fix our hair and put a little make-up on. While waiting on Briley to finish with her hair, I get on Facebook and Twitter. I decide to send a tweet to the boys. When Briley gets done, it's 4:30. We leave and head to the arena.

  We arrive and see girls' starting to line up even though the concert doesn't start til 7 PM. We walk up to a security guard and show him our meet and greet passes. "Follow me ladies." He says. He leads us inside and then we see a line of girls and at a table is One Direction. We stand in line waiting for our turn. The boys are seated in the following order: Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall.

  About 10 minutes later, we are right in front of the boys. We begin talking with them and they sign a few things for us. When we get to Niall, he looks up at me and smiles. I say hi to him but he doesn't respond. Liam nudges him and he responds. We talk a little while longer and then I hear Briley ask for a picture with them. "Of course Love." Louis says. We take a few pictures with the boys and then leave. 

  "That was amazing! They are so nice and cute." Briley says. "Their teenage guys what else would you expect?" "I don't know. Wanna go get something to eat before the concert?" She asks. I nod and we walk across the street to a Wendy's and get something to eat. Once we get done, we head back to the arena and stand in line to wait. The doors open at 6:15 and we go find our seats. Our tickets are for the front middle section, row five, smack dab in the middle. We sit down and talk to each other and a few people around us.

  The lights dim and everything gets a little crazy. Girls' start screaming and then the opening video begins. The boys run on stage and start off with 'Na Na Na' and we sing along. I can't believe this. I'm actually at a One Direction concert and I got to meet them.

  They continue singing songs and then it comes time for them to answer Twitter questions. They tell a couple of jokes and do their best impressions of each other. Then Liam attempts a handstand and Niall does his Irish dance. I look at the screen as a another tweet pops up and gasp quietly. 

  "This is my favorite tweet," Niall begins. "This has been the BEST birthday present EVER!!! From Skylar. Section 2, row 5, seat 14 and 15." The boys look over to Briley and I and I wave. They say happy birthday and give me huge smiles. I smile back and they turn back to the screen to read another tweet. Except for Niall. He continues to look at me and smiles. "You okay Mate?" I hear Liam asks Niall. Niall nods and turns his attention back to the screen.

  After answering questions, they go on with singing. They sing songs from both of their albums. As the concert gets closer to the end, the stage goes black and I see the boys moving around. The lights hit the boys and I realize what song they are going to sing. They are sitting on boxes and Niall has his guitar. They are going to sing 'Little Things'.

  Sure enough the music begins. The whole time Niall glances at me and when it comes to his solo, he stares straight at me. I feel my cheeks get warm, but look at him and smile. They finish the song and move on to the last one for the night, 'What Makes You Beautiful'. During the chorus, I notice Niall looking over at me smiling. I don't know why he keeps looking at me but I kinda like it. They finish and then the concert is over.

  "That was incredible!" Briley says loudly. "Tell me about it. Ready to go backstage?" She nods and we make our way backstage and show security our passes. They let us through and Paul shows us around. After a while, we come to a closed door and he knocks. "Come in." Someone says from the other side. Paul opens the door and leads us inside.

  I see the boys sitting around and on their phones. I look at Briley and we smile at each other before turning our attention back to the boys. Liam looks up and smiles. "Hello girls'." He says and all the other boys turn their attention to us. "Hi." We both say. Harry and Zayn get up from the couch and take us by the hand leading us to the couch. We sit down and they sit on the back of the couch.

  "Did you enjoy the concert?" Louis asks. "Yes. It was amazing. You guys are really talented." I reply. "Thanks Love." Zayn says. As they ask a few more questions, I look over at Niall. I smile at him and he smiles back. He hasn't said anything to Briley or I yet. Something was going on with him. Liam gets up and whispers something to Niall. That's when he speaks up. "What was your favorite part of the show?" "I liked the questions and the dance for 'C'mon, C'mon.' " Briley responds. "And you?" Niall asks while looking at me. "I also liked the question segment. My favorite performances were 'Little Thing' and 'What Makes You Beautiful.' But overall it was really good." I reply and look down.

  We talk for about a half hour with the boys. We are about to leave to go back to my house when I hear one of the boys speak up. "Wait." We turn around and Niall is standing up looking at me. "We should all hang out again." He says. The other boys nod in agreement. "Sure." I say. "Cool. How about you give us your numbers that way we can make plans." He suggests. I nod and we all exchange numbers. "Bye." The boys say and we respond.

   Briley and I are quiet as we make our way to the car. When we get in, we both let out a couple of squeals. "I can't believe we have their numbers!" Briley exclaims. "And they want to hang out with us again." I say. "Tonight was incredible. Thanks for taking me." "Oh no problem. Tonight was a dream come true."

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