"An Unlikely Story~"

Victoria Vast is an average sixteen year old. Except one thing, her father left her family when she was young. Her life is normal. Except for one day....


1. Victoria Vast~


 Im Victoria Vast. Sometimes known as Vicky or Toria. I am sixteen and I enjoy my life, family, and friends. If it weren't for one thing. My dad left my family when i was only ten. I now only live my my mom and older brother.    Ever since my dad left, my mom has been heavily drinking because of her depression. There has been times when my brother and i just have to leave the house because we can't handle my mom. She means a lot to me, but I can't stand to see her like this.    Well other than that, I live in an okay neighborhood. I leave near my school and best friend Tatiana. At school I am pretty well known, but I am neither popular nor an outsider. I have great friends and especiallly the bestest, best friend. Tatiana knows everything about me. I swear she could be my sister! i have known her ever since preschool and I am very lucky to have her around.  I've never really had any luck with relationships. But I don't worry because I have a full life ahead of me.     Tomorrow is the first day of Sophomore year. I am excited yet nervous. Im pretty sure I'll make it alive though. I usually am good at talking to people and making new friends. Hopefully i meet some new people....and at least some new decent guys...Who know tomorrow might be my lucky day?    
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