"An Unlikely Story~"

Victoria Vast is an average sixteen year old. Except one thing, her father left her family when she was young. Her life is normal. Except for one day....


3. Heart Broken~

~After school~

 The school day went by really quickly. I got home as fast as I could because just seeing Harry today, made me extremely happy! I opened the door and went in. I saw my mom sitting on the couch "Hey mom! How was your day?" I asked her cheerfully.

 She turns to me and gives me this angry look. "How was my day?! How do you think it was?! I'm here trying to get a job, while your over here being so happy!" I looked at her shocked and speechless. "If you dont get a job by next week," she continued ,"Then I'm kicking you out!" she said yelling. 

 I couldn't believe what she just said. My heart just froze. I than look down to her hand and see a beer bottle, she was drunk. I'm still hurt at what she just said and couldn't help but cry. I dropped my things and ran straight up to my room crying, while passing Brian on the stairs.

 I lock myself in and just lay on my bed crying. I started to panic  What if I dont get a job tomorrow? What am I going to do?

~A few hours later~

 I guess I had cried myself to sleep because it was already 8:58 p.m. I got up from my bed remembering everything. I got up and slowly opened my bedroom door. It was really quite. I slowly and quietly walked down the steps making sure my mom wasn't there. There was no sign of her, so I went to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass of water and took in a deep breath started to cry again. 

 I suddenly hear the doorbell ring. I jumped. I went to it slowly wondering who would be at the door right now. I opened it, it was Harry. I completely forgot about him. I looked at him in shock and tried wiping my tears, but it didn't help.

"Hey...Whats wrong?" he says while coming in and closing the door behind him.

"Nothing..." I say quietly and looking down.

"Please dont lie to me. I mean, you have tears rolling down your cheeks." He tried to meet my eyes with his.

I looked up "It's my mom...she is going to kick me out tomorrow if I dont get a job by then" I say trying to hold back my tears.

"Oh, thats awful" He said with a worried expression. "Dont worry though, I'll be here if you need me" He said trying to cheer me up.

I tried to smile, but my tears just came rolling out. He gave me a hug to comfort me. "I'm so sorry Harry! I invited you over to have a good time, but instead im just telling you my problems"

"It's okay dont worry about it. I want to help and to make you feel better"

I looked up at him and smiled. Harry is a true friend. A friend that I probably would never be able to replace and I adored him for that. I took in a deep breath.

"Thanks Harry, you make me feel....much better" I say looking up to him.

"Of course any time!" 

I was about to ask him if he wanted to stay still and watch a movie, but I got interrupted by a call. I looked at my phone. Who would be calling me this late? I have no clue, but the only way to know was to answer it.



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