"An Unlikely Story~"

Victoria Vast is an average sixteen year old. Except one thing, her father left her family when she was young. Her life is normal. Except for one day....


5. Depressing Day~

 I had a horrible dream that night. It had something to do with my family before everything changed, but I just couldn't remember what happened. Harry woke me up to get ready for school. We both stood up in bed. He saw that I didn't look so well.

"How about you don't go to school today?" He suggested. I nodded yes because it felt like I had no energy to do anything. "I won't go either" he said continuing to what he just said.

I looked at him with a crazy face."Harry I don't want you to miss the 2nd day of school just because of me" I said in a demanding voice.

"I want to be here for you" He said while grabbing my arm and smiling.

I looked into his eyes and I saw something so beautiful and touching that it made me want to cry. And of course I did. I looked down wiping my tears.

"Do you still miss your mom?"

I looked up smiling. "No, its you. Harry, I love you."

"I love you too" he said smiling. I don't think he understood what I meant. So I just let it go and continued smiling. He got out of bed and went downstairs to make breakfast. I stayed in bed remembering everything from last night and how I felt. Now I am thinking about how I feel.

 I knew I felt something for Harry, ever since seeing him from a long time. I just didn't want to admit it. I didn't want change, I've had to much change already. One day though, I knew it will just come rolling out. I snapped out of my daydream and headed downstairs.

I actually didn't feel sad, more like kind of happy. Which was strange since I was crying like crazy yesterday. I saw Harry from behind making pancakes. I couldn't hold it in. He was my best friend, the only person that understood me, even more than Tatiana! I wanted to be with him....but would he feel the same?

I guess he sensed me there and turned to give me a smile. I returned that smile and walked to him.

"Uhmm..." was all I could say. I caught myself staring at him and I guess he did too, but just let it go. He faced back to the pan.

"So how are you feeling?"

"Much better. I'm glad you stayed Harry. It's...really helping me feel better" I can't believe I said that out loud even though I wanted him to know how I felt.

"I'm glad I can make you feel better" He got the pancakes out on a plate for me and I ate it.

The day went by really slow, I still felt depressed. Most of the time I was on the couch watching t.v. and eating while Harry was next to me the whole time. I am really happy and lucky to have him by my side.



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