One Moment at a Time (Louis Tomlinson)

Bree Bailey has known Louis Tomlinson all her life, before he was famous. They were even a couple. That is, until he messed up. Bree hasn't seen Louis since that night, besides of course in magazines and on TV. And she is absolutely in pain. She misses Louis, but knows that there is a small chance of her ever seeing him again. But then, Louis comes back into town to visit his family- and things get rough from there.
This is a love story full of twists and heart break, if you love a good romance novel, then you'll love this book of Fan Fiction!


14. The Pointe

*Double Update because I love you guys, maybe even a triple update <3*

     After washing up in the shower, Louis and I walked back into our room. There was a little white lace dress with one long sheer sleeve on the bed. It was see through around the stomach.

     "What's this?" I asked, picking up the gorgeous dress. "My mum, probably. She left me some clothes too." "She has wonderful taste," I said, admiring the dress.

     "Put it on," Louis said, as he started to get dressed. I obeyed and put on the shimmering dress.

     "Wow.. you are absolutely stunning," Louis said, wrapping me up in his arms. "We're absolutely stunning," I corrected him. He smiled.

     However, our moment was interrupted my Mrs. Tomlinson. "Lou, if you'll excuse us for a moment, I want to do her make up and curl her hair. I know you're going to the fabulous Pointe. And frankly, I'm hurt that you wouldn't invite your mum," she said, pulling me towards the door. "Be back in an hour, tops!" she exclaimed, slamming the door.

     She led me down the hall, all the way to the end. She opened up the door, quietly closing it behind her. I smiled at her. She didn't smile back.

     "Do you have shoes to wear?" she asked, walking over to a door that I assumed was her walk in closet. "Uhm, no? I didn't think-" "What size are you?" She interrupted me. "Size 8 or 9, which ever," I replied, annoyed. " I knew I had white, sparkly Louboutins in here somewhere... Ah, here we are darling. Now don't get them dirty or scuffed," she said, pulling out ridiculously high pumps. I grabbed them from her, slipping them onto my feet. They felt brand new.

     "Look at how gorgeous you are! Shoes always complete the look, in my opinion," She said, pulling a Paul Mitchell curling iron from her dresser.

     "Thank you, Mrs. Tomlinson. But really, I'm just going out on a dinner date. I don't need to look like I'm going to the Grammys," I said softly.

     She scoffed at me, "Honey, everywhere you go you need to look like you're going to the Grammys. Especially with my Louis.

     I remained silent as she worked quickly through my hair, making curls that were somehow soft and bouncy at the same time. Glancing at the clock, she grabbed her make up case and turned me around so that I was facing her. She applied foundation primer, foundation powder, eyeliner, silver shimmery eye shadow, and some things that I've never seen before.

     She turned me back around, looking satisfied with her work. Then she grabbed some bobby pins and threw my hair in a sophisticated up-do that must've took years to master.

     Mrs. Tomlinson backed up, looking me up and down. "Do a twirl for me, darling!" she exclaimed excitedly. I turned around in the spiked shoes surprisingly graceful. I smiled when I looked in the mirror, "Thank you! I look almost like a doll!" I exclaimed, lightly touching my face.

     I turned around and hugged her short, skinny body tightly. I heard her gasp, but then she hesitantly wrapped her arms around me. "I've missed you, Bree. You were my favorite of all of Lou's girlfriends. I'm glad you're back," She said into my shoulder.

     Before I could reply, there was a knock on the door. "Mum?" Louis's voice came muffled through the door, "Is she ready yet? The boys are getting anxious." "Yes, dear!" Mrs. Tomlinson said, brushing her plain black dress off. Our moment was lost.

     She opened the door and I followed her out. Without turning around, I knew Louis was staring at me. And when we met up with the boys outside, they were staring too. Louis started to notice. "Wow, Bree. You look absolutely stunning," Niall said. "Yeah you clean up really nice," Harry commented. Louis sighed and pulled me away towards his car. "Thanks guys!" I called back. Liam was still staring.

I hopped into the car and Louis sped off down the road and out of Stone Cobbler. "Easy tiger," I laughed.

    Without taking his eyes off the road, he said, "Bree, you know you are one sexy lady, right?" I laughed again, "Okay, what are you getting at?" "The guys, they respect our relationship. But sometimes.. guys can't help themselves. And when someone as beautiful as you.." he started to trail off. "Lou, I know. Besides, I only want you anyways, so there's nothing to worry about," I said as we pulled into the parking lot.

     He turned off the car and turned towards me, "You look gorgeous, stunning, and beautiful. And you're all mine." he said, putting his hand on the inside of my thigh. I smiled at him as he got out of the car. He quickly made his way over to my door and opened it for me. I got out and walked with him to the front door.

     He opened it for me. I walked inside, looking at the glamour. There were crystal chandeliers, glass tables, fish tanks, velvet seat, and waiter in tuxes catering to everyone's needs. Thank god Mrs. Tomlinson did me up, because everyone looked like they just walked off the red carpet. Shimmery gowns and tuxedos everywhere you looked.

    A waiter came over to us and asked, "A table for two?" Louis replied, "We have reservations for 10, under the name of Tomlinson." 10? I thought.

     "Right this way," the waiter said, bringing us to a back room painted turquoise. I smiled, looking at the pictures of sea creatures and the ocean.

     Just as we sat down, the guys and four other girls sat down with us. "Hi girls. This is my girlfriend, Bree. I'm so glad you all could fly in and stay with us for the rest of the month," Louis said.

     Each girl introduced themselves to me. The one with Zayn was named Perrie. She had bleach blonde hair and big eyes. The girl with Harry was named Amya. She had beautiful ombre hair and tan skin with almond shaped green eyes. Her voice was high pitched. The girl with Liam was named Ashlyn. She had light brown wavy hair and freckles. Also, she was very small. And finally, the girl with Niall was named Krissi. She had bright red hair, obviously dyed, and dark eye liner. Niall's girlfriend really surprised me. They were a weird looking couple.

     After a dinner of laughing and talking, the girls I bonded most with were Perrie and Amya. Krissi barely talked to anyone and Ashlyn was obsessed with Liam, wouldn't let anyone else talk to him or anything. It was kind of weird.

     "Well, we're gonna head back," Louis said, standing up from the table. "See you all back at home." They all waved bye to us, and then continued to laugh loudly.

     Louis led me to where we were parked and started the car. Once we were in, Louis drove home in silence. I wondered what was up, but I couldn't get his attention. We arrived home and got out of the car. I took off my heels and ran up to Louis, tugging on his shirt. "What's wrong?" Louis shrugged me off like I was a feather. "I don't feel good, babe. I'm sorry. I'm gonna go to bed," he said.

     "I'll join you," I replied as we started to walk up the steps to our room.

     Once we were upstairs, Lou didn't even bother to change. He just hopped into bed and went to sleep. I sighed, changing out of my dress and into my pajamas. Slowly, I climbed into bed. Within no time, I was sound asleep, unaware to the world around me.

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