One Moment at a Time (Louis Tomlinson)

Bree Bailey has known Louis Tomlinson all her life, before he was famous. They were even a couple. That is, until he messed up. Bree hasn't seen Louis since that night, besides of course in magazines and on TV. And she is absolutely in pain. She misses Louis, but knows that there is a small chance of her ever seeing him again. But then, Louis comes back into town to visit his family- and things get rough from there.
This is a love story full of twists and heart break, if you love a good romance novel, then you'll love this book of Fan Fiction!


1. The Pain

     I, Bree Bailey, was flipping through the channels on my flat screen in my bedroom. Nothing good seemed to be on. Then when I arrived to E! News, my heart dropped from the roof of a thirteen story building. There was One Direction, and according to the news reporter, it was live.

     I knew I should have changed the channel, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from Louis. The news reporter asked Harry Styles first, "Harry, what do you love most about being a national fanominon?"

     Harry scratched his chin thoughtfully and finally replied in the British accent, "What I love most are my fans, and that I can go have fun with my friends when ever I want."

     He got a lot of screams and cheers from the crowd.

     I couldn't watch this anymore, and I turned the TV off. I knew that I missed Louis, but I also knew that he probably forgot that I even existed. He is famous now, so why should I matter anymore? But a tiny speck of my heart told me that he did miss me and that he did care. But it was hard to believe.

     I always hoped that one day Louis would come back for me and say that he was forced to leave and join that boy band, but I knew that it was his choice that he joined. And he apparently had a girlfriend. Not to mention that him and I never actually, officially broke up, which is what scared me the most.

     Then a wonderful memory flooded back into my mind from when Louis and I had first started dating.

     The wind was warm in our faces on the boat. The smell of salt water and fish was in the air. It was the summer of '09, when we were 13, and Mrs. Tomlinson had allowed Louis to take me for a ride on their family boat. He was up front driving, and I was sitting next to him, cuddling into his chest.

     I had on my favorite purple and pink flowered string bikini from Hollister, and he was in white shorts. We both had on sunglasses, except for mine were larger and tinted purple. I also had on a magnificent straw hat, but I took that off shortly after we had taken off on our journey.

     Suddenly, Louis stopped the boat and gazed into my eyes. I stared right back, not really knowing what to do.

     Louis gently grazed the side of my face, wrapping his arm around my waist. He pulled me closer, and I obediently obeyed. Then he kissed me. I kissed back.

     When he eventually pulled away, I was breathless. We sat there in silence for awhile, then he leaned in again. We kissed again, a littler bit more forceful than the first time.

    "I love you," I whispered to him. "Love you too, baby,"

     My phone ringing brought me out of my thoughts. I looked at the name and my face went pale.

     It was Mrs. Tomlinson.

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