One Moment at a Time (Louis Tomlinson)

Bree Bailey has known Louis Tomlinson all her life, before he was famous. They were even a couple. That is, until he messed up. Bree hasn't seen Louis since that night, besides of course in magazines and on TV. And she is absolutely in pain. She misses Louis, but knows that there is a small chance of her ever seeing him again. But then, Louis comes back into town to visit his family- and things get rough from there.
This is a love story full of twists and heart break, if you love a good romance novel, then you'll love this book of Fan Fiction!


6. The Flight

     The jet was even more fascinating than the limo.

     Pink plush seats (obviously Mrs. Tomlinson's choice) were grouped into fours, facing each other in a circular shape. There was around sixteen seats altogether, a decent amount. There was two TVs, one on each side of the plane, so everyone could watch clearly. A door towards the back of the plane read "Chefs Only" in purple cursive.  Another door beside it said "Bathroom" in pink bold letters. Classical music played softly, and it smelled like fresh lemons.

     I had no idea were to sit, so I followed Louis and he sat in the group of chairs that was farthest away from our moms. Niall and Zayn took the other two seats, and Harry and Liam sat in another group.

     A girly voice came over the speakers, "Alright passengers, we are preparing for take off. Please buckle your seat belts. At first the ride will be rough, but then we're off to smooth sailing!"

     Louis had to show me how to buckle my seat belt properly and how to tighten it. I blushed slightly when his hands slid around my waist.

     After we were all settled, Niall asked Louis, "Where did you put the donuts?" I couldn't help but laugh at him. Niall always wanted food. Louis stared at him, "What donuts?" Niall's jaw dropped and he looked at Zayn, "You brought the donuts, right?" Zayn shook his head and gave Louis a wink. I instantly got the joke, but Niall didn't pay attention.

     Liam shouted over, listening in on the conversation, "Sorry Niall, we all forgot about the donuts." Niall looked so sad, almost on the verge of crying. I couldn't stand seeing Niall unhappy and I punched Louis softly in the arm. "Where did you hide his donuts?"

     Louis stared me down and Zayn scolded, "She really deserves a slap." I knew he was playing, but I acted offended and looked up at Louis, "You wouldn't hurt me baby, would you?" I stuck out my bottom lip and gave him puppy eyes. Everyone laughed and Niall said, "I would never hurt you, especially if you find me those donuts." Harry piped up from his chair, "I second that!" I giggled.

     After Louis was permitted to stand up by the lady's voice on the intercom, he walked back to the door that said, "Chefs Only" and knocked on it. A French looking man with a ghoete peeked his head out, his chef hat hitting the top of the doorway. He smiled as soon as he recognized Louis. The chef stepped out and spoke something gleefully in French. Louis replied, shaking the young man's hand. After Louis spoke a little more, The chef nodded and ducked back inside. He returned thirty seconds later with a box filled with donuts with purple icing drizzled on blue glistening icing and rainbow sprinkles.

     Niall's eyes got as wide as golf balls when Louis carried the donut box over to Liam and Harry. Harry said something that made Louis jump up and stare at me, almost dropping the other four donuts.  Liam shouted, "Shut up, Hazza!" and slapped his neck.

     Louis was suddenly stiff as he walked slowly back over to our group of stairs. After he passed out the donuts, hesitating on my face, I leaned over and whispered in his hear, "What's wrong, Lou?"

     Louis looked around, and then when his eyes finally landed on me, he looked pained and hurt, "First off, after I fell asleep in the car, you just ditched me and fell head over heals for Niall. And," Louis paused, looking straight into my eyes, "also the fact that Liam likes you."

    In complete and udder shock, I looked up and over at Liam. He looked up and waved at me, but I just faked a smile.

     I turned my attention back to Louis. "There is no reason for you to be mad or upset. Remember? You left me. Plus you have a girlfriend, right? And besides, I don't like Liam that way. He's only a friend."

     "Well then you might want to tell him that," Louis snapped at me. It was very rare for Louis to get mad at anyone, so I knew this wasn't going to be good. 

     Zayn cleared his throat and looked uncomfortable for the first time. Niall focused all his attention on what was left of his donut, acting like he didn't hear the conversation.

     "Louis, look I didn't mean any-" I stopped when Louis started to tear up. Right there I knew I messed up.

     Louis looked up at me, fighting back tears, "I never wanted us to end, you know that Bree?" I opened my mouth to object, but he continued speaking, "I loved you, Bree. And I still do. The only reason I left you is because I thought that if and when I left, it would've never worked out. For example, you could have be cheating on me and I would have no clue. I thought that, no, I knew that we would see each other again. I dreamed of the moment we would meet, making it a fantisy. And I was just dating my supposily "girlfrriend" to make you jealous, and she was dating me for the money. My heart has always and always will belong to you. No one will get in the way of that."

     I was speechless. So all this time, he was really missing me, apparently more than I was missing him. He too dreamed about the moment we would meet. He truly loved me.

    I whispered to him, "I love you too, Louis."

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