One Moment at a Time (Louis Tomlinson)

Bree Bailey has known Louis Tomlinson all her life, before he was famous. They were even a couple. That is, until he messed up. Bree hasn't seen Louis since that night, besides of course in magazines and on TV. And she is absolutely in pain. She misses Louis, but knows that there is a small chance of her ever seeing him again. But then, Louis comes back into town to visit his family- and things get rough from there.
This is a love story full of twists and heart break, if you love a good romance novel, then you'll love this book of Fan Fiction!


10. Hanging with Liam

     It had been a mere two hours since Liam had confessed what he wanted, and I was still in his room, laughing and talking with him about Louis when he was little. I knew Lou was probably looking for me, but I didn't care. Right now, Liam had my whole world.

     Liam was just starting a story about when Louis and him had a water balloon fight when there was a pounding on the door. Liam looked at me. "Do you want to hide?" he whispered in my ear. I ducked down below the couch as Liam shouted, "Come in!" Louis and Harry came bursting through the door.

     "Where is she?" Louis spat at him. Liam sounded nervous, "Louie, chill, she went on a walk up the street to check out Stone Cobbler. She should be back in ten minutes." Louis seemed to calm down a little. "How do you know that she left?" He asked. Liam replied casually, "I was downstairs when her mum told her that it might be a good idea to walk around and see what her surroundings are and stuff. Don't worry, she'll be back."

     Harry stepped in, "Come on, Louie. I told you that Liam wasn't that bad of a friend to steal your girl." I wanted to vomit now, because thats what I was doing, not Liam. Louis sighed, "Alright. But if you see her, tell her to come into our room." I saw Liam nod and heard the door slam shut.

     I jumped up and hugged Liam. "You're the bestest friend ever!" He hugged me even tighter. I pushed off of him when the door flung open. I looked up to see a very red Louis. "Hi Lou!" I said trying a smile.

     "Don't call me Lou," he hissed at me, "And I thought that you were going on a walk around Stone Cobbler." My smiled faded. He almost never yelled at me. "Yeah I did. And I just got back," I replied, "I came through the upper deck to see Liam." "More like to smooch him up," Louis said coldly.

     I was annoyed now. "I only gave him a hug Louis. You need to calm down, " I tried, and Louis calmed down, just a tiny bit. He started to pace around the area between the couch and the doorway. Harry stood in the doorway awkwardly, not saying a word but giving Liam nasty looks.

     Finally, Louis stopped. He looked up at my with puppy eyes and a true sad face. "Are you....are you cheating on me?" I stood up from the couch and walked over to Louis and grabbed his hand.

     "Louis," I said while looking in his eyes, "I just got you back four hours ago. I just got back the love of my life four hours ago. Why would I ruin that?"

     Louis seemed to brighten, "I know, and I'm stupid for not realizing that. I know that you would never cheat on me." He kissed my forehead and gave an apologetic look to Liam. "I'm stupid," He said. I laughed and nudged his shoulder. "Your mine, stupid." He smiled again and kissed me on the lips this time. Harry clapped and Louis said, "Come into our room within an hour." "I'll try," I teased. Then he was gone.

     I had totally forgotten that Liam was still in the room. I ran over and gave him a big bear hug, and he lifted me over to his bed so we were closer to the warm fireplace.

     After some more funny stories, I guess I must have fallen asleep. I woke up to the sun shining brightly through the window, and Liam was snoring softly beside me. A note was laying on the wooden side table. The cover read, "Morning Love". I jumped up to grab the note, instantly knowing that it was from Louis.

Good Morning Bree. So I see, ditching me for Liam? I'll kick his ass today. But when you read this you're going to obviously be awake, so come downstairs for breakfast. I love you.

     I smiled and gently pushed out of Liam's bed, making sure not to wake him. Then I rushed out the down to the steps.

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