One Moment at a Time (Louis Tomlinson)

Bree Bailey has known Louis Tomlinson all her life, before he was famous. They were even a couple. That is, until he messed up. Bree hasn't seen Louis since that night, besides of course in magazines and on TV. And she is absolutely in pain. She misses Louis, but knows that there is a small chance of her ever seeing him again. But then, Louis comes back into town to visit his family- and things get rough from there.
This is a love story full of twists and heart break, if you love a good romance novel, then you'll love this book of Fan Fiction!


12. A "Peaceful" Walk

     After picking out my outfit, which consisted of white jean shorts and a sparkly coral shirt that read "Beautiful" on the front, and my Ray Ban sunglasses on my forehead, Louis met me in the rec room. He was wearing the same thing, his pajamas.

    "Aren't you going to change?" I asked him. He smiled at me, "Nope. My pajamas are comfy." I laughed and gave him a bear hug.

     As soon as we stepped outside, paparazzi camera flashes blinded me. When my vision cleared. I saw thousands of fans. Most of them were shouting, "Brious! Brious!!" Great, I sighed, now our names had been smashed together by our beloved fans.

     I looked around and noticed some hatred glares. Some fans were video taping or taking billions of pictures that they were probably going to photoshop later.

     I side glanced at Louis to see him smiling at the crowd. My phone viberated almost what felt like 100 times as Louis intertwined his hand with mine. He pecked me on the cheek and the crowd roared.

     A news reporter from E! News thrust her microphone into our faces. "Louis, is it official? Are you claiming Bree as yours?" She smiled and asked Louis. Louis smiled back at her, "She's all mine," he said and winked at me. The fans gushed and made awe sounds. "Bree," the news reporter turned to me, "how long do you want think this relationship will last?"

     I smiled, thinking of something adorable to say. Then a flashback popped into my head.

"Bree," Louis said as we gazed into the stars. It was a warm, dark summer night. The stars were bright and put an eerie glow to Louis's face. "Whatssup bud?" I said to him, for this was before we were dating. He turned over in the grass and said, "What if I told you that I like you?" "Silly I know that you like me," I said, talking about friendship. He chuckled and said, "No, I'm talking about love." I rolled over and stared at him. "For real?" I asked. He nodded his head. "For real." We were in silence for awhile, until he spoke up again, "Will you go out with me?" I was breathless and hugged him in the grass. "Yes," I whispered in his ear.

    "I want it to last forever," I said, staring into Louis's beautiful eyes. 

    Another news reporter shoved infront of her, and this one was for MTV. He asked us both, "Are you planning on having a child anytime soon?" Louis answered, "Well, she's not a mama yet, but I soon hope to make her one." He moved his arms to my stomach and I blushed dark red. A fan shouted, "I'm so jealous of you, Bree!" I smiled as Louis dragged me through the crowd to the large metal gate. "Run!" he whispered in my ear.

    I instantly obeyed and we ran to Big Dipper. That's when I pulled out my phone. All that buzzing from before  wasn't text messages, but it was thousands of people tagging me in Tweets. I unlocked my phone and saw that I had now 1.6 million followers. I gaped at my phone.

     Louis said, "What do ya want, love?" "Strawberry on a cone, one scoop," I told him. So he ordered two of those and we sat at the table by the window and watched the fans struggling to get past the guards. 

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