Common Mullien


1. The Facts

Common Mullein

Common Mullein is from the genus Verbascum and from the Scrophulariaceae family. The scientific name for Common Mullein is Verbascum Thapsus and this plant is natively from northern parts of Africa, Europe and Asia. It is a sort of weed that can grow in many different places and habitats, due to the rapidness of their spreading habits. It takes a time frame of 2 years for the plant to fully grow and flower (in this  time the common mullein often grows to 2 meters or more tall). There are hundreds small blooms on each common mullein plant, and each bloom has up to 700 or more seeds. This plant often has a total of 180 000 to 240 000 seeds. The seeds begin to grow and develop (bloom) in the warmer seasons- spring and summer. Common Mullein has angiospermous seeds through early growth. During winter the hundreds of capsules found on this plant, begin to grow, dry and darken into a dark shade of brown. The plant stiffens and the dry dark brown figure of common mullein during winter may continue consecutively into spring and/or summer.


Along about half of the tall stem of this plant, diminutive flowers that are yellow in colour grow and are tightly compacted together. These flowers take off from a vast tangle and/or rosette of large leaves. Common Mullein is a hairy plant that has yellow flower petals, orange coloured anthers, yellow filaments and a green ovary.  In winter, the appearance of this plant changes.  It starts to develop dryness and grows to be a dark shade of brown.

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