That Boy

Niall comes into Rachel's life as if by miracle. He gets shipped off to America to continue his education since he never finished and ends up falling for her during his stay in the States.


1. What's Your Name?

Rachel's P.O.V.

My name's Rachel. I'm British, but I moved to America when I was seven years old. I have hazel eyes, light brown hair, I dance, and I'm in a band.

I've been hearing about this band. One Direction I think it's called? Everyone's talking about them and at lunch all the girls scream over their first song. I don't know what the fuss is all about... I turn to my friend, Jessica, who's known about One Direction for a while and was singing along to their song.

"Jessica, who is One Direction?" I ask.

"Oh my, God. You don't know who they are?"

"No... but why does everyone like them so much?" There has got to be some kind of point to identify them.

"Rachel. They're gorgeous British boys. They sing. They've been world famous since their X-Factor days-"

"THEY WERE ON X-FACTOR?!" I interrupt her because I had only known about the show since last year and it was amazing (the X-Factor USA show, that is.)

"Yeah, in 2010 they were on the X-Factor UK." Jessica said.

Okay. They're British... I must  find out more about them. Judging from the lyrics in this song, I assume it has something do do with "You Don't Know You're Beautiful."

"What's the name of this song anyway?" I ask questioningly.

"What Makes You Beautiful." Jessica responded.

My other friend, Marisa,  has been sitting with us quietly and said "We should do this song for band!"

"Awww yisss." 

"Wait! I don't even know the words!" I exclaim.

"Go home and look them up then!" Marisa said.

I go home and look them up, memorize them and come to band that week ready to rehearse it. It turns out that Jessica got to sing it and I was stuck playing guitar...

A few weeks later, Jessica introduced me to a new website called "tumblr." It was very strange and different to FaceBook, but I quickly got used to it and started blogging about One Direction within a week. I learned so much from that site - their names to start off with. The curly haired one is Harry Styles, the blonde one is Niall Horan, the black haired one is Zayn Malik, the one with the big bum is Louis Tomlinson, and the one with the everchanging hair is Liam Payne. 

After a while, tumblr took away my social time and I was introduced to feels, loss of evens, and typING LIKE THIS OMG GUYS. But it all changed the day I came to school late.


~So this is my first fanfic and I'm not sure how I'm doing... do you mind giving me tips? Thanks :) ~

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