That Boy

Niall comes into Rachel's life as if by miracle. He gets shipped off to America to continue his education since he never finished and ends up falling for her during his stay in the States.


5. Meet the Fam

Rachel's P.O.V.

We were rehearsing our lines for drama class and then Niall started to look really upset... I don't know what happened.

He walks back into the living room.

"Hey, are you feeling any better?" I ask him.

"Hm? Oh, yeah thanks." He says.

"Let's stop practicing for now and get something to eat."

"Nando's?" He looks hopeful.

"Sorry Niall, but the only Nando's in America is in Washington. We're in California." I say. "But we could drive around and find somewhere to eat, like McDonalds, Five Guys, KFC..."

"Ooh! Let's go to Five Guys!" He says.

So we drive to Five Guys and order our meal. I pay for it, because I know Niall hasn't received his income from Syke Records yet to convert into US dollars.

Inbetween bites, Niall thanks me for the food. 

"Are you ready to get going, Niall?" I ask him.

"mskljghsalmostaiueoshg" He says while stuffing down his last bite.

When we get home there's a call on the answering machine. It says from 'unavailable.' We listen to it anyway.

"Umm, yes. Hello? I think this is the right number. I think Niall is with the student at this residents? Could you just let him know that I'm back at his uncle's house and to call back when he's free. By the way, this is Maura- Niall's mum. Thank you, goodbye." The answering machine beeps signaling the end of the message.

"Do you want to call her?" I offer Niall the phone.

He takes the phone and calls. "Hello? Mhm. Yeah, mum, I'm fine. Mhm. Yep. Okay, love you too. Okay, bye." He hangs up.

"My mother asked permission from my uncle to have you over tomorrow for the day to meet the family!" Niall says excitedly.

"Really? Oh how sweet!" I say. "When would we go round?"

"My mum said at about 10 tomorrow morning. Apparently they have a whole thing planned for us."








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