That Boy

Niall comes into Rachel's life as if by miracle. He gets shipped off to America to continue his education since he never finished and ends up falling for her during his stay in the States.


2. Health Class

I overslept and walked into health class late. My teacher, Mrs. Lighty told me to go to the office to get a late slip. When I was in the office, I saw a boy wander in... he looks lost. He had blonde hair and an Irish accent.

"Excuse me, ma'am. Do ye know whur I go t find me classes?"

"I don't keep track of schedules," the lady writing me the late slip turned to face this boy. "but what's your name? I can give you and extra copy of your classes."

"Niall Horan."

No way. This can't be happening. I don't know what to do. I. Can't . Breathe.

"Here you go." She hands Niall the slip.

"Tank'ye very much miss." He said.

Mrs. Reed had finished writing me the note. "Rachel, would you mind helping Niall to his classes?"

"Oh, yeah... sure. Of course!" I relpied.

I can't blow this. It's my only chance to meet Niall Horan and become friends and slowly fall deeply in love and live happy ever after and-

"Can I see your schedule?" I say to him as we walk out the door. He willingly hands it over to me. He has mostly the same classes I do! Yesssss!! "You have lots of the same teachers that I do." I tell him. "Our first class is Mrs. Lighty, health. I just came from there to get a late slip... I overslept...." I can't help getting lost in his ocean blue eyes.

When we get to health, Mrs. Lighty asks me to introduce Niall to the class.

"This is Niall Horan. He's Irish and in a world famous band called One Direction. He loves Nando's and pints."

Niall leans over and whispers to me. "Wait, all I told you was my name. How do you know I love those things?"

"Aren't you a little young to be drinking alcohol?" Mrs. Lighty suspiciously questions him.

"Uhh... not where I'm from..." Niall cautiously answers.

"Okay thank you for introducing the class to our new friend Niall, Rachel! Please both of you find a seat so we can continue on with the lesson."

The bell rings and the rest of the day speeds by. Only me and whoever was in his other classes knows he goes to our school. We were told to keep quiet about it.


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