back for you

he just had to say i love you to change his life forever


1. intro/flashback

well my name is Eliesha and in 2008 my best friend moved out of ireland. when he came to th school in grade nine i told myself i wouldnt fall for him and i realize that i actually broke that promise. anyways ill tell you more about it


niall came to school unhappy and kept avoiding me. but seeming im his best friend he would normaly tell me right? Luckily he live son my street so i caught up to him after school and we walked ome. i asked him why he was avoiding me, he hesitated on his answer and finally spat out "im moving on the weekend" i was in shock and the rest of the walk hom was silent.

    *end of flashback*

ever since that day i have never stopped thinking about him. his last words to me arreseven ill never forget "someday Eliesha ill come back for you" he obviously meant he would come back to visit his best friend but i wanted it to mean something otherwise.

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