back for you

he just had to say i love you to change his life forever


3. backstage

Elieshas P.O.V

the concert ended and the whole time I couldnt help but stare into his eyes. Thats when Ashley nudged me and said "this isnt all" and handed me a backstage pass... yaayy! I get to see niall again. We got back stage and I saw niall so I ran up to him and jumped on him for a hug, it took a minute but he finally hugged me back. He whispered into my ear " I thought i'd never see you again... i'll always love you" wait!! what!.... Niall loved me and so I whisper back " I love you too Nialler"

Nialls P.O.V

wait hold up all it took was to say I love her, how long has she loved me? did she think about me as much as i did her? did she miss me? I finally asked her "how long have you lived in london" she answered with "since the week after my birthday" I asked another question "so are we together now figuring you love me and I love you?" "after this" and then she kissed me, I knew there were sparks because she was smiling and i felt warm inside. We pulled away and she was still smiling. The boys and her friend wer all staring at us with their jaws dropped. Louis finally broke the silence by saying "so Niall this is the girl you always say you miss and love?" I could feel my cheeks going red. Harry added in "you know Niall you could introduce her to us" and so I did " well you know her name is Eliesha. She was my best friend in high school and when I left I never forgot her" I looked over at Eliesha and her cheeks were as red as a tomato.

Elieshas P.O.V

 so Niall did think about me while I was gone. I could feel the heat going to my cheeks and I looked to the gound as I walked over to Ashley. she said "you could have told me you knew Niall!" I said back "I know but I didnt know he was in a band!" Before me and ashley could leave Niall asked me to go to his house for dinner tonight which was in an hour so I let ashley go home while I helped Niall and the boys pack up the stage into one of the many trucks. I was carrying the microphone box and I almost fell but Niall dropped his box and came and helped me up, I said "what if the stuff in your box is broken" he said " thas okay those things are replaceable and your not" Niall walked off with my box and put it in one of the trucks and told their bodygaurd who he told me was named Paul that we were leaving early.

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