back for you

he just had to say i love you to change his life forever


2. " and were one direction"

* four months later*

I live in london now , ever sincce my 18th birthday which was september 13th, and yes me and Niall have the same birthday. My job is at a nandos which was my favourite growing up, it was also Nialls favourite restaurant.

Nialls P.O.V

" guys! settle down!" man it is so hard to control them. "aww! Niall come join our fun" Louis begged me. So i went to my room got my nerf gun of my dresser and thats when it fell on the floor and i put my nerf gun back. I realised what fell was the half of a bst friend necklace eliesha gave me. I was so stupid not to tell her how i felt about her... are you kidding I have always loved her and I love her more than nandos and thats a lot. when I first met the boys Simon told us to tell each other what we left behind to come onto the X factor so now they all know about Eliesha.

Elieshas P.O.V

I heard of this boyband today from Ashley and she said its called one direction. She kept going on about how I was crazy for not knowing who they ere and then she finally asked me to go to the concert tonight with her. I obviously said yes because I heard some of their songs and they were pretty good. She was so excited that I was going with her.

* at the concert *

I wasnt really paying attention to the concert because I couldn't really see and it hasn't even started. I took my phone out and was about to text the numer Niall gave me before he left. Thats when the girls started screaming as five guys ran on stage. I didn't care about them I just liked the music so I turned back to look at my phone and thats when I heard it, and my eyes shot up to find where the voice came from.

Nialls P.O.V

first Liam, then Harry, Zayn, Louis and then finally me. That was our order to run on stage. We got on the stage and started with " i'm Liam, i'm Harry, i'm Zayn, i'm Louis, i'm Niall and were one direction. But when I said my name a girls head shot up and her greenish-blue eyes met mine and then it hit me... I was looking straight into Elieshas eyes.

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