A 16 year old girl named Kami lives in the smallest town imaginable. She was born a city girl and yearned for the nightlife. One summer She took a visit to her Sisters home in California. During this vaction her life was changed forever when she met the love of her life Liam Payne


17. Will We Last?

KAMI’S POV: I covered my hickey with make-up as I was driving home. I pulled into the drive way and was shocked to see tons of reporters standing at my front door! I knew I would have to go past them. I put on the glasses Liam gave me and stepped out of the car. They saw me and almost on instant they ran over yelling questions. The reporters didn’t bother me when I was with Liam, but now by myself I just wanted to get past them to the door.

“Kami when did you first meet Liam?”, ”How long have you two been talking?”, “ Do you just like Liam , because of his fame?” All the reporters yelled at once, flashing their cameras.

I didn’t say a word and pushed my way through to the front door. I opened the door with my key and shut it quickly and locked it. I sighed in relief, I than saw Alice yell,” Hey I’ll shoot you if you’re a reporter in my house!” I heard her shuffling around.

“Alice calm down it’s me!” I yelled back.

“Oh thank goodness! What is going on?!”

I walked into the living room where she was sitting.

“Well…we went public…” I let out a smile, “How long have they been here?”

“about an hour! I nearly peed myself when I went to go get coffee and was bombarded with cameras in my face!” ”I didn’t know what to do so I ran up here and sat…” Alice said as she nervously played with her fingers.

“I’m so sorry Alice! I didn’t think they would come to my house!” I gave her a hug as I sat down.

“It’s fine, I just didn’t expect it…but while I was sitting here I looked it up and found to reports about you.” She pulled out her phone and showed me.

I looked to see a picture of me and Liam walking out of the lobby and one of him kissing me. I skimmed through and the report just said how Liam was taken by me, and how much he liked me according to our kissing picture.

We chatted until the reporters left than went to our rooms to turn in for the night.

I hopped on my bed and got tucked in and drifted in my thoughts, As for hate from girls it was far less than I expected…I haven’t seen any hate yet it has to be somewhere!” maybe it’s on twitter… Boy was I right; I had gained four hundred and three followers! I had thousands of tweets saying I wasn’t good enough for Liam, how ugly I was (pointing out my flaws), and how we won’t last a month. Usually these things didn’t bother me, but now that I am in love with Liam it hurts to think people out there are making bets to see how long we’ll last.

I felt a little better when my phone buzzed, it was Liam telling me goodnight and that he was going to swing by to drop something off before he leaves for London. I texted him back saying okay and goodnight<3.

I lay in bed as thoughts raced through my mind. Would we last? I mean I can handle him being gone traveling to places I’m not that needy as other girls. But what will happen when I go back to Texas…

I tried to ignore my mind as I fell asleep.

I drifted into a dream it was me sitting at the airport, I looked at my plane ticket, it was from San Diego to Dallas. I was looking around when out of nowhere Liam was standing in front of me. I lit up as I ran over to him.

“Liam I’m so glad you made it!” I smiled as I gave him a hug. He had an upset look on his face as he pushed me away.

“What..What’s wrong Liam?” as I stumbled backwards.

“We need to talk…It’s not going to work anymore Kami.” He sighed as he turned and walked away.

“What! Why…Liam!” I tried to chase after him, but two security guards grabbed me and started to pull me towards my gate.

“LIAM!...GET YOU HANDS OFF OF ME!” I tried to shake from the guards grasp, but couldn’t. I gave up, I stopped fighting and the guards let go of me. I started to ball my eyes out as I took my suitcase and walked to my plane. I took one look back and almost broke down when I saw Liam just walking away.

I woke up with a gasp. I took a deep breath as I realized it was just a dream. Alice walked into my room, “Hey Liam’s in the living room waiting on you.”

“What! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!” I started to run around my room , I brushed my hair and teeth. I tried to wake up my face by splashing water on it. I groaned as I saw myself in the mirror, whatever I looked decent enough.

I walked out and saw Liam smile when he saw me. He got up and hugged me. It felt extra amazing after the dream I had.

“I’m sorry if I woke you up baby.” Liam smiled.

“No, No, it’s fine I needed to get up” I smiled as I rubbed my eyes awake.

“I’m going to give you guys some privacy as I go get a coffee. Have fun you two” Alice called as she went out the door.

“So, what did you have to give me?” I grinned.

“Well, I know how easily you get cold, sooooo..” Liam went to his backpack and pulled out a jacket. “I got you this personalized jacket so you can have something to keep you warm while I am gone!” Liam said excitedly.

I looked at the pink jacket, It smelled just like him, on the back of the jacket it said, ”Liam’s Girl”

“Awe Liam!” I smiled.

“Look on the sleeve.” Liam beamed.

There was a message near the wrist of the jacket it said, “Kami you are my last first kiss, Love Liam”

I gave Liam a huge smile, “Oh my god Liam, I love it!” I gave him a huge kiss.

“Wow! I guess I did do a good job!” He blushed.

“More than a good job it’s beautiful!” I couldn’t stop smiling.

“So when do you leave for London?” I said as I put on the jacket.

“Tomorrow…” Liam sighed

“Why did you say it so sadly?! I chuckled.

“Because, I’m going to miss you..” Liam pouted as he rubbed his hand on arm

“I’m going to miss you too, but this is your job and your dream, plus you’ll be back here before you know it!” I got up and sat in his lap wrapping my arms around his neck.

 “You always know what to say don’t you.” He smiled as kissed my cheek.

“I try to,” I smiled.

“So, is there anything you want to talk about before I leave?” Liam gave a half smile.

“Ya actually… Liam …What happens when I go back to Texas?” I gave him a sad look.

“Nothing, we will still be together, I will still see you all the time, I mean we will figure it out together.” Liam lifted my hand and kissed it, ”You’re my princess, I don’t want to lose you”

I just kissed his lips and rested my head under his chin. He’s too good for me I sighed.

After a couple of minutes, he had to leave. I gave him one more kiss, this time though Liam held my face there for a while like he didn’t want to stop.

I pulled his hands off my face gently and smiled, “Remember you’ll be back before you know it.”

He sighed, but smiled as we walked out of the door.

“I love Kami.”

“I love you too Liam.” I waved as I saw him get into his car and leave.



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