A 16 year old girl named Kami lives in the smallest town imaginable. She was born a city girl and yearned for the nightlife. One summer She took a visit to her Sisters home in California. During this vaction her life was changed forever when she met the love of her life Liam Payne


12. This Kiss...


KAMI’S POV:  I stepped onto the bus and sat down with Liam. As I held onto his hand, I started to feel sick. The night was over. The bus was heading  to my house and soon this night will be just a memory. I looked at all the guys and smiled. I felt like I known them my whole life, I know that sounds stupid but it just felt like normal. 

When on the bus, we talked some more and had a few laughs, but they weren’t the laughs like at the beginning of the night, they were just chuckle laughs….

LIAM’S POV: I was beginning to feel sad. We were taking her home, and her face read she was upset too.  I squeezed her hand as the bus rolled on. I don’t know how I feel; I mean I just met her!  I took a glance at her. She was staring at the floor, Her eyes were watery.

“What’s wrong? I didn’t like her being sad…

“Am I that easy to read?” She sniffed as she gave a short smile. “It’s just; I had so much fun… I guess I’m just upset it’s ending…” she shrugged.

“Ya…me too” I sighed. The bus screeched to a stop.  I look at Kami and she looked at me. “Well this is my stop..”She gave a half smile as she stood up.

“I’ll walk you.” I insisted as I stood up and grabbed Kami’s hand.

KAMI’S POV: I smiled as Liam grabbed my hand; I tried to hold back my tears. I get attached easily. I looked at the boys and they seemed sad too.

“Well thanks for everything guys! I had an amazing time, I can’t even describe how much fun I had so thanks. It was great meeting you finally and I wish ya”ll the best..” I rambled trying to hide my emotions.

“Wait love, you’re not leaving until you give us a hug!” Niall smirked as he opened his arms.

I smiled and went down the line. I gave Niall a hug, his was tight and sincere. Then I hugged Louis he surprised me when he picked me up and spun me around. “I’ll miss my dance partner “Louis smiled as he set me back down.  Next was Zayn’s hug it was quick and awkward, but still nice. And Harry’s hug was strong and protective. I stepped back and took Liam’s hand again. I waved the followed Liam out of the bus. 

When we got to my door there was an awkward pause, I thought he would’ve made a move, but I guess my mind tricked me again. I looked at Liam and smiled once, more into his eyes. “Well, goodbye Liam” I sighed. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and headed for the door.

LIAM’S POV: I put my hand up to where she had kissed it was felt nice... I started to walk away…

 I stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t let her get away! I turned around as Kami was unlocking her door.

“Kami wait” I pleaded as I ran up to her.  I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. I caressed her head in my hands. At first her lips were limp, but then she started to kiss back. When we stopped and I opened my eyes Kami had a huge smile on her face and her she was bright red.

“WOW.. haha well..uh..Im gonna…uh..uh.. go inside haha… bye Liam…” She stuttered and giggled as she started to close the door behind her. I waved as I started to head back onto the bus. “HEY LIAM!” Kami yelled.

I turned to see her still smiling, “ Ya?” I gave her a smirk

“Thanks for tonight, it was amazing. “She grinned, slightly showing an embarrassed look.

“Likewise” I smiled as I saw her close the door. I turned back and headed to the bus. The guys started to cheer when I entered the living room. “Wait you saw that?” I started to get red.

“Well yeah this bus does have windows.” Zayn said with a smart alike tone.

“It was beautiful” Louis smiled as he started to sarcastically wiped a fake tear from his eye.

“So, how was it?” Harry grinned.

“It was… wonderful” I sighed happily as I touched my tingling lips.

KAMI’S POV: I closed the door behind me. With my back against the door I slid down onto my rear. I couldn’t wipe the grin I had on my face. I JUST KISSED HIM! I got up and walked to the couch and sat down. I hope I was a good kisser.. I thought to myself. You see, I have a secret and It’s pretty embarrassing. That kiss was my…first kiss.. Know I know that is hard to believe(Imean most people have had their first kiss by the time they’re sixteen) , but please see my reason, I only have lived in a town with hicks and cowboys(and not the cute ones) and I am a pretty picky person when it comes to boys.  I have high standards I will admit, but I am glad I do. I have only had two boyfriends, one only lasted a week because he was just dumb as a doorknob, and two for my birthday surprised me with antlers, DEER ANTLERS…..

I sat and put my fingers to my lips, they were all tingly.I skipped to the fridge to get a drink and saw a note posted to the door. It was from Alice and it read:

HEY POOKS! I got bored waiting for you, so I went out with my friends. I’ll be back by 2 if you want to wait for me? I hope you had fun and can’t wait to hear about it! :D

I looked at the clock, it read 12:30. I ‘m not that tired I’ll wait for her. I popped some popcorn and sat on the couch. I turned on the T.V. and guess what was on the T.V…. One Direction, It was an old interview. I just stared at Liam and drifted into a daydream which then turned into a blissful sleep.

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