A 16 year old girl named Kami lives in the smallest town imaginable. She was born a city girl and yearned for the nightlife. One summer She took a visit to her Sisters home in California. During this vaction her life was changed forever when she met the love of her life Liam Payne


25. The Red Dot


                                   - Cali-Girl


LIAM’S POV: Kami and I got out of bed early the next morning and ate the complimentary breakfast.   She was wearing a light pink sun dress, with pink heels, and her hair down and swept one one shoulder. We had a great time, even some fans asked for Kami’s autograph, not mine, just hers. That made me happy.

I had to go do a sound check with the guys so Kami said she would just stay in our hotel room. I said okay and kissed her goodbye. I then met the boys on the bus and headed to the auditorium we would play in. It was huge and it showed all the tall buildings and beautiful scenery. I loved it and I’m sure Kami would love to see it.

We began our sound check and after the first song we were interrupted by our agent Greg.

“What’s wrong?” I said as I noticed his face was covered with worry.

“Well, I don’t know if you guys have heard and I don’t know how to say this so I am just going to say it…. there is a man making threats of shooting one of you tonight…” He paused.

“What? Who?” Niall’s voice was shaky.

“He is supposed to release a poem describing who it is.” Greg sighed.

“So what are we going to do?” Harry snapped.

“We called in all security to keep watch, all the fans will be patted and bags searched.”

“Do you have any Idea who this person is?” I sighed.

“No… all we know is his screen name which is “out to kill” “Greg sighed.

“Well we trust you guys, everything will go fine. He is probably a person who is just trying to scare us.” Zayn huffed.

“Well its working!” Niall stuttered.

“Look, I will keep you updated and if it gets serious will cancel. We’ll do a sound check later go back to the hotel and rest and get your minds calm.” Greg ordered as he walked off.

“Oh my gosh, what am I going to tell my parents?” Niall sighed.

“I wouldn’t I mean, It’ll just scare them.” Harry whispered.

“We are going to have to tell our girlfriends, because they’ll be backstage watching us.” I said.

“Yeah you right this is going scare Perrie horribly!” Zayn sighed.

“Just think about Eleanor!” Louis huffed as he put his face in his hands.

“It’ll be fine let’s follow Greg’s orders and calm down at the hotel.” I grumbled.

With that we all piled into the bus and made the quiet ride back to the hotel.

KAMI’S POV: I was SO bored. All that was on the television was soap operas and Spanish channels. I painted my nails and toenails, but now there was nothing to do. I was about to go down to the lobby when Liam slowly opened the door. His facial expression just looked like he was scared and worried.

“Liam what’s wrong?”

“Kami I need to tell you something….” Liam sighed as he sat down.

“Ummm, okay.” I shrugged. I had no idea what he could be needing to tell me….

“So, our agent Greg said that there is a man out there that says he is going to kill one of us tonight at the concert.” Liam looked into my eyes as he held my hand.

“ Oh my Gosh!” I threw my hand over my mouth, “Well you guys are canceling right?!”

“No, because it’s a charity event and we don’t even know if this man is serious.” Liam sighed.

“BUT WHAT IF HE IS LIAM!” I snapped.

“Look, baby it will be fine. They set up security all around and their going to search everyone. There is no way he can get to us.” Liam tried to smile to make me feel better.

“Is he going to shoot a specific one of you or just random?” I mumbled.

“Greg said he’s going to release a poem saying who it is…”

“Wh..Whaa…What if it’s you Liam” I stuttered.

“Then security will be surrounding me. Babe it will be fine.” Liam smiled.

“I need you to be strong okay? Liam said as he kissed my cheek.

“Oookaay…but if it’s you Liam my eyes will be on you like a hawk!” I growled.

“Good, I need my guardian angel protecting me.” Liam smiled.

I sighed; I jumped on Liam and hugged him. What if it is Liam? Who would want to kill him or anyone of the boys? Then again there are people who just are pure evil in this world…

I kept hugging Liam and we just sat there, for what seemed like forever. My arms wrapped around him as he rubbed his arm up and down my back. I didn’t know what to do or how I could help.  I froze when Harry ran in.

I let go of Liam. “What is it Harry?”

“The man posted his poem and you need to see it Liam.” Harry blurted out.

“Oh god…” I gasped and put my hand over my mouth.

“It’s okay, let’s go look.” Liam assured. He held my shaking hand as we ran to Where the guys were huddled around the computer. They all looked at Liam with sad eyes.

I tried to slow my breathing, but I was too scared. Liam and I walked up to the computer and read the man’s poem:

Tonight is the night where I kill one of five.

The one I will kill will be the only one that dies.

This one, when shown a spoon runs and hides.

His name starts with the letter L

And it’s not the one with stripes that dwell.

So close your eyes and count to ten.

For when you see my red dot, it will be the end.


When I finished reading it I busted out in tears. It was Liam, my heart was pounding and I buried my face in Liam’s chest as I cried.

Liam calmly wrapped his arms around me. There was a silence in the room; all I could hear was my heart in my head and my sniffles. When I got a hold of myself I took a step back.

“So what do we do now?” I mumbled as I wiped my tears.

“We let the officers handle it love. They will protect me.” Liam smiled. I think he was trying to assure himself more than assuring me.

“Look, I think we should cancel…” Louis said.

“No, many families that have the sick children in the charity are here. I am not going to tell them to go home.” Liam snapped.

“I am sure they will understand.” Niall yelled.

“Look, I said we are not canceling, this is just some coward man trying to crush little kids dreams and I am NOT GOING TO LET HIM WIN.” Liam yelled. He stomped off back to our room.

I stood there for a moment and then whispered, “One of you should probably tell Greg so he can tell the law enforcement…”

“I will..” Harry said as he got out his phone.

“Thanks…” I mumbled before I turned to walk away.

“Kami, he will be alright.” Zayn said.

I looked over my shoulder and sighed, “I hope you’re right…” I then walked out, because I felt the tears forming in my eyes.


KAMI’S POV: We arrived at the auditorium and the concert is going to start in twenty minutes. The police said that based on the man’s poem the “red dot” refers to a sniper so they have sent police to search all of the buildings around the area. As for the fans no gun has turned up and everyone was clean. I stood with Liam as he looked over the order of the concert again.

“Aren’t you scared at all Liam…I mean for christ sakes if what that man says happens this is our last moment together!” I started to tear up again. I can’t handle this worry, I can’t handle not knowing if this is the last time I will see Liam.

Liam took his eyes off of the paper and looked at me. “Yes, Kami I am scared, I’m actually terrified. But there is a whole crowd of little children that are so excited to see us preform. And If I am too worried about this “man” I will not live up to these children’s expectations and that would hurt me more than any bullet could.”  

“Liam… I’m sorry I… I just can’t lose you.” I started to cry.

Liam held me close and whispered, “You will never lose me, my heart will always be yours, no matter what happens okay?”

“Ooo..okay.” I sniffled as I let go of Liam.

Greg waved Liam to go get in his place. Liam smiled as he looked at me, “Are you still going to watch over me?”

I cracked a small smile, “Like a hawk…”

He kissed my lips and whispered, “I love you…”

“I love you too!” I smiled.

And with that he ran to his spot as the concert began…

I joined Eleanor and Perrie as we watched on our T.V screen backstage. We were only a few feet away from the curtain where the boys were preforming. The girls comforted me when the boys started their first song.

“It’ll be okay Kami, the police will find the man…” Eleanor said.

"IF there is even a man." Perrie said.

“Thanks…” I smiled as I kept my eyes locked on the screen.

The boys sang five songs and only had three left. My mind was at ease a little and I started to calm down. Maybe it was just a horrible trick.  The boys started their third to last song, “ Truly Madly Deeply”

Liam was first and I couldn’t help, but crack a smile as he started to sing.

“Am I asleep, am I awake or somewhere in between?

I can’t believe that you are here and lying next to me.”

I then broke from my trance when I saw a very small, faint glint of red light on Liam’s forehead. I froze, is that it!? I couldn’t risk it either way. I turned and sprinted towards the stage. Perrie and Eleanor watched me run away in confusion.  My eyes were blinded by stage lights and cameras as soon as I passed the curtain. I saw Liam on the big screen and the dot was fully there now. I saw the police running trying to get to Liam, but they wouldn’t make it in time and neither would I!

Like instinct I did the only thing that I could do. I yelled at the top of my lungs, “LIIIAMM DUCK!”

Liam turned and looked at me and I saw surprise in his face. I was about to run towards him when I heard a huge “BOOM!” and then the fans screamed like crazy.

I fell to the ground the sound was ringing in my ears, but quickly  I looked up at Liam. My eyes widened in horror as I saw Liam’s body lying on the stage. I ran up to him and knelt down next to him.

“LIAM!” I yelled as tears ran down my face. There was a pool of blood around him, but he was still breathing. I looked around for help. Security had forced the boys back stage for their safety and the auditorium was being evacuated. I screamed, “We need an ambulance! He is still breathing! Please someone!”

I didn’t know what to do I was getting light headed from how fast I was breathing and my body was shaking uncontrollably.  Finally a pair of paramedics knelt down beside me and turned Liam’s body over. He was unconscious, but there was no bullet in his head. I looked over his body with my eyes as the paramedics started to move him on the gurney. I then saw it; there was a small hole in his left shoulder. I frantically followed the paramedics like a lost puppy. They loaded him into the ambulance, but when I tried to get inside two security guards grabbed me and started to pull me away from the ambulance.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? LET GO OF ME!” I cried as I shook my arms.

“Kami, he is losing too much blood and the paramedics said they can’t have any passengers in there.” One growled as he tightened his grip.

“WELL GET ME A CAR TO THE HOSPITAL!” I yelled as I became weak and dizzy. I watched breathlessly as the ambulance drove off with Liam.



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