A 16 year old girl named Kami lives in the smallest town imaginable. She was born a city girl and yearned for the nightlife. One summer She took a visit to her Sisters home in California. During this vaction her life was changed forever when she met the love of her life Liam Payne


18. The Plan


I started to head to my room when I heard my phone ring. Crap…it’s my mom, act normal Kami maybe she hasn’t even heard about it… I took a deep breath as I answered,

“Hey mom!” I tried to sound happy and normal.

“Don’t hey mom me! Why didn’t you tell me you got in a relationship! Especially one with a celebrity, How did you meet this boy and when did you plan on telling me missy?!” She was furious.

“Mom calm down, it all happened so fast, but he is the nicest guy I have ever met mom I assure you…” I pleaded.

I explained all what happened and after answering ALL of her questions she accepted it.

“Ok I will allow you to date this man, but I want to meet him.” She said sternly.

“Mom he is very busy he is leaving for London tomorrow.” I tried to get her mind away from that idea, the last thing I would want is to drag Liam to my one horse town…

“I don’t care one way or another I have to meet him. You can bring him on the way back, now I have to get cooking so bye I love you!” She hung up.

Ugh my mom thinks it’s that simple huh? I can’t just ask him to take time out of his VERY booked schedule to go to Texas, that’s just stupid.

I tried to get my mind off it as I watched some “South Park” with my sister wearing Liam’s jacket. When Alice asked me where I got it I smiled, “Liam gave it to me.”

“Oh he is to frickin sweet!” she smiled when she read the back.

“That’s not the best part!” I showed her my sleeve and she just put her hands over her mouth.

“That is the sweetest thing I have ever read! I am SO jealous!”

“I know right, I don’t want to take it off!” I smiled

“Well, I am so glad you found someone who treats you right.”

“Me too…” I beamed.

The next couple of days were quite boring. Alice hung out with Mark a lot which left me alone.  I would always look forward to me and Liam’s skype chats, we would talk about each other’s day. Liam one time brought up something that shocked me,

“Hey Love, I missed you SO much! Liam smiled.

I smiled back at the screen, “I missed you too baby!”

After doing our standard questions Liam started to look nervous,

“So Kami I wanted to ask you, do you ever see a future with us like, marriage, house, or kids?” He started to get red.

“Oh,..uh I thought about it a couple of times, but I’m only 16 Liam, I can’t get married yet. But I have thought about us in the future why? Have you?”

“Actually yes, I know we haven’t dated that long, but you know those fairytales about love at first sight or how they fall in love in a night? I nodded “Well that’s how I feel every time I look at you, I get this weird, wonderful feeling.” He was bright red as he was confessing all of this.

“Awe Liam, I have always felt that way about you…you are the first man I have ever loved…” I got watery eyes from happiness.

“Don’t cry baby, Look when I come back we are going to make a plan, I know how much you like to have a plan.” He gave me a smirk.

“O..ookay.” I sniffled.

“I have to go get some sleep, I love you Kami sweet dreams,” he winked and kissed his hand and held it up to the computer screen.

                I kissed my hand also and held it up to the screen, we then waved goodbye as I shut my laptop.

A plan, that sounds good. We need a plan.

Finally after counting down the days, I finally get to see Liam. I waited at the gate for Liam. Paperazzi were surrounding me, but they actually didn’t bother me much.

I just kept my stare at the gate as I glanced at my watch, come on his plane landed fifteen minutes ago! I was getting worried.i sighed in relief when saw him. He met my gaze. I let out a squeal as I started to run to Liam. He dropped his bags and prepared for my embrace. I jumped into his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck.  As he held me.

“Liam I’m so glad you’re back!” I started to cry(happy tears). I leaned back still in his arms as I looked at Liam.

“Love, don’t cry!” He chuckled as he wiped my tears. “I can’t help it” I giggled.

Liam set me down as he picked up his bags.  “Let’s get out of here.” Liam winked.

I nodded as we skipped past the reporters. I looked back and saw the boys smile and wave. I waved back as I followed Liam again.

When we put all of Liam’s bags in the car, we were off.

“So what do you have to do today? I smiled as I reversed.

“Actually, I have an interview for a magazine and they want you to come to!” Liam said excitedly.

“Liam I don’t know if I can do that, what if I say something wrong?” I looked at Liam.

“You won’t, just be yourself and it will go great!” Liam said as picked my hand that wasn’t on the steering wheel and kissed it.

“Ok..I’ll try..”I gave a half smile.

“BUUUT, like I promised we can talk about our plan before then.” He smiled trying to change the subject.I nodded as we pulled into his hotel.

We got all settled in and I got out a notepad as I sat on the bed. Liam chuckled when he saw me writing “Our plan” on the top line of the notepad.

“Okay so what is going to be the first part of our plan.” I said.

“Well… how about we talk about moving in together?” Liam smiled when he saw my jaw dropped.

“are you serious Liam? I mean that’s wonderful, but what about my school?” I stuttered.

“I can hire you a tutor.”

“Well where are we going to live?”

“We can share my room on the bus; the boys already said you are welcome to live with us.”

“Okay. That sounds good, now onto other matters.” I said as I wrote down what we had just discussed

“My mom says she wants to meet you and maybe when she meets you, we can tell her about us moving in together?” I gave a nervous smile.

“That sounds good, when though?” Liam said.

“Um, how about when I leave back for Texas?” I shrugged.

“Okay ya that sounds perfect, I can make management give me a couple of free days.”

“Great!” I smiled.

“Now while we are talking about this serious stuff I wanted to tell you something that might be the thing that breaks us apart…” I sighed as I gave him a sad look.

Liam got worried, ”What is it?”

“I…I  am waiting till I am married to do …you know..” I twiddled my fingers waiting for his answer.

He got a huge smile as he kissed my cheek. ”Love why would that break us apart? That is what I love about you! I love how innocent and strong you are.” He grinned.

“I’m so happy you think of me like that.” I giggled as I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.” I think that’s enough planning for now…” I kissed Liam’s lips.

“ I want us to watch one of my FAVORITE movies” I said as I ran over to my bag and pulled out a DVD case and put it in the DVD player.

“What is it?” Liam smiled as he got comfy on the bed.

“It’s a surprise!” I hit play and went to snuggle with Liam.

The movie started, and Liam’s face lit up as he realized what it was, “I’ve heard of this movie! It’s the Disney movie about Rapunzel!”

“Ya it’s called Tangled!” I beamed, “I want to apologize in advance if I start singing, I know all the songs!” I said excitedly.

“Haha I can’t wait!” Liam chuckled.

We sat through the movie snuggling and I sang a couple songs under my breath, Liam could still hear me, he just smiled and rested his chin on my head. After a while the part came when they were in Rapunzel’s tower. Flynn(Eugene) had been stabbed and was dying, Rapunzel knelt down,crying as he rested in her arms.

“ were my new dream..” Flynn gasped.

“And you were mine…” Rapunzel cried.

I was balling at this point. Liam smiled, “Awe baby, it’s okay!” he squeezed me in an embrace.

“I know it’s just the sweetest thing, I mean It’s such a beautiful thing to say!” I sniffled as I grabbed a tissue.

“I love you so much…” Liam said as he look at me.

I looked at him and smiled still with tears in my eyes, “I love you too!” I kissed him more than I ever had.

Liam was caught off guard and fell on his back. He recovered and started to kiss me back. We rolled over, a little too much and fell off the bed. Luckily, Liam fell first.

“Are you ok?” I chuckled.

“Ya I am fine…” He laughed.

I giggled and then gasped when I saw the clock on the dresser. ”Didn’t you say the interview starts at 7:00 P.m.?!”

I got off of Liam and ran to my bag

“Oh crap! It’s 6:25!” Liam said as he ran to the bathroom and closed the door.

“I don’t have time to hide so just close your eyes okay!?” I yelled as I started to undress. I was in my bra and pantie as I was digging in my bag.

“What did you say?” Liam said as he stuck his head out of the door.

“Hey!” I laughed as I tried to cover myself with my arms.

“WOW! You look amazing” Liam smirked.

“No time for that.” I smiled as I started to put my dress and leggings. Liam nodded as he rushed around the room with just pants and a toothbrush in his mouth.

“Which shirt?” Liam mumbled as he held up the shirts. One was a dressy long sleeve, with a matching vest and the other was just a graphic tee.

“Long sleeve.” I said while putting my earrings in.

I ran to the bathroom and quickly did my make-up. Liam ran next to me and spit in the sink then started too rinse the toothpaste out of his mouth. I lastly put on my pink lipstick and brushed though my hair.It was doing it’s natural long wavy thing.  It looked pretty good though, and I didn’t have time to fix it. Liam wiped his mouth on a towel and smiled at me.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and looked in the mirror. “Perfect…” He smirked. I gave him cheeky smile and kissed him. “Oops sorry!” I giggled as I had left a pink kiss mark on his cheek. I quickly wiped it off.

“Okay we really have to go!” I smiled as I grabbed Liam and we ran out the door, on our way to the interview.



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