A 16 year old girl named Kami lives in the smallest town imaginable. She was born a city girl and yearned for the nightlife. One summer She took a visit to her Sisters home in California. During this vaction her life was changed forever when she met the love of her life Liam Payne


6. The Concert

     We arrived to the concert and after spending twenty minutes trying to find a parking space we managed to find one just around the block. We entered the giant building. Thousands of girls were in line as the faculty checked everyone’s tickets.  Some girls were already crying and they weren’t even made it to their seats yet. Alice leaned close to me and whispered.

     “How can girls get so crazy over some boys they have never met? She looked at the groups of girls acting like fools.

      I personally wanted to scream, but I kept my composure as we reached one of the workers. He was an old man but had a face that reminds you of jolly Santa. He just gave off a very kind vibe. I showed him my tickets and he smiled.

     “Well you’re our lucky winner! Just go right down this hall and you in the middle of the very first row.”

      He handed me the tickets back. I put them back in my purse and went in the direction he was pointing to. Alice followed close behind me. She didn’t really care for this boy band music so she was on her phone most of the time.  At the end of the hall was a small line of girls (only about five of them). You could tell every one of them was a snooty snob. They all had brand named clothes and bags on and their noses’ were slightly towards the ceiling. They all looked me up and down when I came in. I didn’t have anything expensive on, but that doesn’t bother me. I don’t care for brands. My motto for clothes is “if I like it I’ll wear it.”

      I ignored them and walked up to the bodyguard. I showed the bodyguard my tickets. He nodded and handed me a pass. He told me after the concert was over to go through the door next to the stage so the boys can talk to me. I nodded as I took a breath to hide my excitement. I looked over to the girls and they were whispering to each other looking me up and down. I didn’t care what they were saying nothing they could say would ruin this night for me.

     After waiting about ten minutes the bodyguard lifted the rope and let us goes to our seat. Alice and I were smack-dab in the middle. We giggled and chatted as we waited for the concert to start. I couldn’t help but let out a little squeal as the lights dimmed.

     All I could hear was the roar of screams from the thousands of girls. I thought “how do the boys not get stage fright?” but then again they could just stand there and girls would scream.  The curtain lifted and I was in awe as I saw each of the boys faces. Then I saw Liam, I always thought he was the cutest and sweetest. My heart started to beat fast and my stomach felt twisted. Alice saw this and nudged me.

     “Remember, be calm.”  She reminded.

      I took a deep breath and actually calmed down. The boys gave their introductions and then started their first song, “Kiss You”. I couldn’t take my eyes of Liam; I never knew how love-struck I was until this very moment with him in front of me. I calmly danced to the music mouthing the words while Alice just clapped along.  I looked up as the boys finished the song. For a second I thought I caught Liam looking at me. I ignored it though because I believed it was just my mind hoping that was what he was doing.  A couple songs past and I could have sworn I caught him looking at me several times.

     Then they started to sing “Little Things”. I saw Zayn grab a fan, as did Harry, then Louis, Niall followed, I was so busy watching them pick people I almost didn’t feel Liam grab my hand! I looked up in shock I couldn’t change my expression. Luckily I took a deep breath and smiled at Liam. He smiled back. Liam stared into my eyes the whole time he sang his verse. During this time it felt like time had frozen. His warm hand was holding mine. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. Liam looked at the pass around my neck and smiled. He then led me back to my seat.

      I was proud of myself that I kept my cool through the whole verse.  I wanted to be back up there though. I wanted him to hold my hand again. Alice told me I looked amazing up there. I was the only one not fan girling and crying.

     “Well it only thanks to you” I smiled.

     The rest of the concert I had my eyes glued on Liam. I constantly smiled and mouthed the words to every song. This had been the best night of my life and it’s not even over! When the concert ended Alice tapped my shoulder.

     “I’m going to the car? Meet me back there when you’re done with your “meeting” ok?”

      I nodded as I started to make my way to the stage door. I showed the guard my pass. He nodded and opened the door for me.

     “Thank you” I said shyly.

     I started to get really nervous. I looked around and saw the workers cleaning everything up and shutting everything down. It was really busy. I walked cautiously around the corner. I saw a guy in a nice suit ordering the workers around. I slowly walked up to him and smiled nervously.

     “Um excuse me, I’m sorry, but do you know where I’m supposed to go?” I showed him pass.

     “Oh ya do you see those double doors right there? He asked. I looked across from the room and the doors it had a sign posted “faculty only”. I turned back to him and nodded. “Well just go down the hall and enter the first door on your right ok?” he smiled and proceeded to order the workers.

     “Oh ok, Thank you!” I nodded and headed to the doors.

     Even though I was supposed to be there I just felt like at any moment I would be kicked out of here. I entered the doors and walked down the hallway. I saw the door on the right. It had a star on it saying “THE BOYS ROOM”. I didn’t want to barge in; I gently knocked on the door. I tapped my foot as I waited for someone to answer. I knocked again, but this time a bit louder. I heard some voices then the knob giggle. The door opened, Zayn was standing right there. I waved and let out a shy hello. He smiled and looked at my pass, he then turned his head and yelled,

     “Hey guys the winner is here!”

     I couldn’t help but blush as I stepped in the room. Zayn walked to the couch and plopped next to Louis and Harry. They were both on their phones. They glanced up, smiled and waved. I then saw Niall getting snacks out of the mini fridge. He turned around and grinned, he had two red bulls and a large sandwich in his hands. I then saw Liam he was leaning on the wall when he looked up and saw me. He smiled and waved too.

     “Hey, it’s you!” he grinned. “I’m sorry no one else is talking they have to keep up with twitter.” He chuckled.

      I giggled, the guys heard him and put their phones away. I could tell that they really didn’t know what else to say so I decided to break the ice.

     “So, what are the plans for tomorrow?” I smirked (I actually was keeping my cool! Go me!).

     Harry answered with a smirk, “That’s a surprise, but were glad you seem like a calm fan.”

     “Ya, I was thinking a crazy twelve year old was going to be the one to win that contest.” Niall said with a mouthful of his sandwich.

     “Well I’m glad I’m calm, I chuckled, so am I meeting you somewhere or are you guys picking me up? And what time should I be ready?” I said with a smart alike tone.

     “Man, you get right to the point don’t you?” Zayn chuckled.  I blushed a little out of embarrassment.

     “Well, we could pick you up in our bus around ten in the morning?” Liam said.

     “Ok, that sounds perfect.” I wrote down my address and handed it to Liam. ”Ok It was great meeting you guys, but my sister is waiting for me so I’ll see you tomorrow?” I started to walk towards the door.

     “Hold on. Liam walked towards me, “Can we have your number just in case we..uh..have trouble finding your place?” Liam gave me a nervous look, but with a smile.

     “I guess you can.” I turned pink as I wrote down my number. In the corner of my eyes I saw Harry nudge Zayn. I ignored it and looked back at Liam. I handed him my number and waved goodbye to them again as I exited their room.  

     I walked all the way back to the car and told my sister the whole thing. She just smiled, “That’s fantastic! I’m exhausted though so I’ll probably still be asleep when you leave tomorrow. Just wear that amazing outfit and be yourself and everything will go well.” She smiled as she started the car and we drove back home.

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