A 16 year old girl named Kami lives in the smallest town imaginable. She was born a city girl and yearned for the nightlife. One summer She took a visit to her Sisters home in California. During this vaction her life was changed forever when she met the love of her life Liam Payne


9. Stupid Crab



KAMI’S POV: As the bus headed to the beach, the boys thought it would be fun to dance around. They put Harry’s Phone on the stereo dock. The song “Beauty and the Beat” came on, all the guys got excited as they started to dance. I felt like part of the band for a while and it felt amazing! I started to sway to the music. I watched Niall do his Irish jig then out of nowhere Louis grabbed my hand and danced with me. I was surprised, but went along with it. I laughed as we twirled, I was having a blast. Louis then spun me, me and the room were spinning until I felt one of the boys catch me. It was Liam. He gave a cheeky smile as he started to dance with me. I danced with him looking into his eyes and laughing. When Nicki Minaj’s part came on they all turned toward me. I laughed, but then rapped Nicki’s verse flawlessly. The boys looked surprised that I knew the whole verse. We danced to a couple of other songs until we felt the bus jerk to a stop.  

“Oh ya it’s party time!” Niall laughed as him and the boys jumped out of the bus. I followed, I couldn’t believe how amazing this night was going. I felt like a whole different person, a better person. I liked it. For some reason I felt like me and the boy’s had developed a friendship.  They probably didn’t see it that way… The boys started to race each other to the sand. I giggled as I saw Harry pounce on Zayn, they both fell face down in the sand. Zayn quickly got up and looked in his phone screen to check on his hair.

 I took off my flats to feel the sand on my feet. I had only been to the beach three times in my life. Each time I loved to feel the breeze flow through my hair, smell the sea air, and feel the grains of sand move from under my feet. It was a peaceful place for me. I set my flats on a beach chair and walked toward the guys wrestling with each other.

They eventually stopped, each one of them sweeping the sand off their shirts. Louis was a little out of breath but managed to say” Hey, let’s bury someone to just their head showing! “He gave an evil smile as he turned his head to me, the other guys joined him.

“Oh no!  This is a nice dress!” I snapped with my hands on my hips.

“Oh come one we’ll bury you in the dry sand, it’ll shake right off!” Harry chuckled.

I thought about it for a minute. Each of the guys gave me a puppy dog look, I sighed as I gave in. Their cute puppy dog faces were too hard to ignore.

“Ugh, Fine.” I huffed as I started to tie my hair in a ponytail.

“Yayyy!” they cheered in unison.  They all pulled their sleeves up and got to work. I stood there watching them dig the hole. I can’t believe I’m about to do this. After about ten minutes they had dug a pretty deep hole. Liam helped me down the hole. I crossed my arms and gave each of the boys the, I hate you, look. They ignored me as they started to pour the sand in the hole. Before I knew it the sand was totally filled to my shoulders. They all stepped back, proud of their work. 

“Alright boys, what should we do now?” Liam smiled.

“How about digging me out!?” I spat.

“Oh someone’s feisty!” he smirked

“Okay let’s dig her back out, AFTER I take a picture.” Harry smiled.

“Hey! No, I didn’t agree to that!” I said in a desperate, but playful tone.

“We have to remember this night somehow!” he smiled as he took a picture.

I tried to turn my face away, but it was no use. The boys laughed as they started to dig me out. I winced as I felt a quick pain on my shoulder.

“OW!” Who pinched me?!” I said angrily. I hated to be pinched.

The boys looked at each other, in confusion. My eyes widened as I realized what had pinched me. I felt the legs of the crab start to crawl on my neck. I screamed as I jiggled my arms free. I managed to free myself from the hole, I tried to shake the crab off, but it was pinched to my hair and wouldn’t let go. The boys couldn’t help but chuckle as they watched me freak out. After me flailing around for a while, the crab let go and buried it’s self-back into the sand.

I was out of breath, I glanced over at the guys as they had huge grins on their faces trying to hide their snickering.

“Thanks for the help, by the way!” I joked as I tried fixing my hair. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself too after I realized how crazy I acted.

LIAM’S POV:  When we got back on the bus, Harry turned on his stereo. Me and the boys started to dance. We were doing all kinds of moves. Then the “Beauty and the Beat” came on.  This was our jam! I looked at Kami, she was laughing and swaying to the music. Louis saw me staring at her. He danced over to me and said “I got this” he smiled as he grabbed Kami’s hand. What was he up to? I wondered. I wanted to dance with her so bad as I saw her twirl around with Louis. Louis then looked at me and winked again. He twirled Kami towards me. Out of instinct I caught her. She looked up and smiled, she looked like she was glad it was me who caught her. That put a goofy grin on my face. I danced with her for a while. It was magical. The Nicki’s verse came on.  All the boys turned toward Kami. She laughed but then out of nowhere rapped the whole verse no problem. She flashed me a smile when she saw my jaw was wide open out with shock!

We made it to the beach. The boys and I all hopped out as we ran towards the beach. I looked back at Kami; she was taking off her flats. She then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was breathtaking as I watched her admire her surroundings.  I was about to go talk to her when Niall knocked the wind out of me with his tackle. I caught my breath as I chased Niall around. Kami walked up and all of us stopped and looked at her. Louis said we should bury someone. We all thought of the perfect person, she didn’t agree. But we finally convinced Kami and started to dig a hole. When it was done I gently helped her into it. I wanted to join her, but of course that would have been awkward. We covered her with sand and I couldn’t help but chuckle as I watched her get a little angry when Harry snapped a picture. We decided it was time to dig her out, I jumped when she squealed that she had been pinched. I looked at the boys and they looked confused, like me. All of a sudden she screamed and wiggled free from the sand. She started to jumped around like crazy, what was she doing?  I giggled. I almost busted out laughing when I saw a crab fly from her hair.  She glared at us as she undid her hair, but then let out a cute laugh. Man, this girl is something…




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