A 16 year old girl named Kami lives in the smallest town imaginable. She was born a city girl and yearned for the nightlife. One summer She took a visit to her Sisters home in California. During this vaction her life was changed forever when she met the love of her life Liam Payne


1. My Backstory

     Hi, my names Kami. I live in the smallest town known to man (at least in my opinion). This town is ordinary and boring. This is the type of town with cows on every other property, the one you could be murdered in your neighbor barn (eeekk!), and the one where everyone knows your name and your business. I don’t like that. I was born in the beautiful state of California. Yes, I was raised in this small town, but my heart always yearned for the excitement of the unique life of the city.

     I even dress Californian. I have blonde, beach waves, own only opened toed shoes, and I have a love for girly night out clothes. The people at my school enjoy cowboy boots, hunting, and chewing tobacco. Now I’m not judging them it’s just not my sort of crowd.  

     You might ask why I love California so much and the reason is when I visit my sister, Alice, (who lives there) We have the best time! Every day was a new adventure, a new experience.  We would go to the grotto and run into celebs. I learned to act like I wasn’t dying of excitement on the inside when I talked to them. My sister told me that famous guys just want a girl who doesn’t treat him any different just because he’s famous. I believed her because she has dated many celebs and is currently talking to one, I forgot his name but he’s in so many movies. Now I’m not one who would want to be famous, but to think that when you go somewhere someone will recognize you, it just seems nice that someone is inspired by you.

     Enough of me rambling; now you know a little about me, I want to share my story on how, one  summer vaction with my sister change my life forever, because that is when I met the love of my life, Liam Payne.

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