A 16 year old girl named Kami lives in the smallest town imaginable. She was born a city girl and yearned for the nightlife. One summer She took a visit to her Sisters home in California. During this vaction her life was changed forever when she met the love of her life Liam Payne


22. Alice's Wedding!


KAMI'S POV: I was tapping my foot impatiently as I waited for the catering company to answer,

"You are 5 callers away" "Ugh!" I growled. I felt Liam's hands wrap around my hips as he rested his chin on my shoulder. "Babe, it'll turn out fine relax." Liam whispered as he kissed my shoulder,   I sighed,"I know it's just the wedding is tomorrow and I have to make sure everything is perfect for Alice..."   "And it is... the flowers have flown in, all the families has been invited, all the bridesmaids dresses are perfect, and the catering is known for amazing food." Liam tried to assure me.   "Ya....Thanks Liam, I guess I'm also nervous about seeing my dad tomorrow..." I shrugged and look at my feet.   Liam lifted my chin and kissed my lips, "Love, no matter what he thinks of me, it will not drive me away from you... I love you too much." He winked.   "Awe baby, I love you too! I just want him to be proud of me..." I smiled as I kissed Liam.   "I can't wait to meet him." Liam smiled.   "You'd be the first!" I rolled my eyes. I was about to say something else but someone finally picked up and I walked out of the room to talk to the catering company.   LIAM'S POV: It was getting late and I was beat. While Kami was on the phone I changed into my boxers and hopped in bed. We decided to stay at Kami's because we would have to get up early to get around for the wedding. I smiled as Kami walked in and she smiled back. She went to the bathroom and came out in her pajamas, went to her closet and pull out mine and her outfit for the wedding, then crawled in bed. I scooted close to her. I rubbed my hand on her leg as I saw her double-checking her list to make sure everything was ready. "Love, you need to sleep..." I pleaded.   Kami looked at me and smiled, "you're right, I'm sorry." She set her notepad down and snuggled with me. I closed my eyes as I had me arms around Kami. I will never get tired of this...   ALICE'S WEDDING DAY<3   KAMI'S POV: I heard my alarm and I sprung out of bed. I woke up Liam and we both started to get dressed for the wedding. I put my hair up in a dressy bun it looked so nice with the jeweled bobby pins. I then slipped on my dress( with Liam's help), put on my heels and jewelry, and put on my make-up. I smiled as I saw Liam in his tux and tie. I walked up and wrapped my arms around his neck. " That cologne smells amazing." I smirked. "We'll you look amazing!" Liam grinned as he kissed my forehead.   "You are too sweet." I smiled, "Alice texted me saying mom and dad had arrived, they booked separate hotels of course." I giggled.   "Are you nervous?" Liam gave me a concerned look.   "No, I just hope they accept us, either way I'll be with you." I smiled."We need to head off though, so I can make sure everything is going as planned!" I grabbed my purse and Liam's hand as we headed off to the wedding!   We pulled up to the building. It was a beautiful building, it had such classy decor. Liam and I walked in. I kissed Liam's cheek as I walked off to check everything. I counted all the bridesmaids, made sure the flowers were all decorated and that Alice's bouquet was ready(I held it until I would see Alice), the catering was in the other room setting up the tables and cooking the food, now I just had to check on Alice! I walked down a small hall and opened the door marked " the brides room" I peeked in to see Alice.   Her hair was in beautiful,blonde curls, her make-up was flawless and her wedding gown was absolutely breathtaking. "Oh Alice, you look amazing!" I smiled   She turned around, "awe thank you Kami the wedding looks incredible! It's perfect!" She smiled as she hugged me. I handed her the bouquet. "So have you seen dad or mom yet?"   "Actually I have seen both, they are both are in the next room. With Mark's parents." She smiled   "Oh boy, well I better get Liam..." I chuckled as I left the room. I went back to the main room and told Liam. He simply nodded and followed me to the room they were in. Before I opened the door I turned to Liam,   "Are you sure about this, I mean we could just turn around and leave." I joked.   "We can do this." Liam smiled as he grabbed my hand.   I nodded as I opened the door. I saw my mom first, she was sitting in a chair. My eyes then saw my dad, he was standing looking at a painting on a wall. He still looked like a buff man he had a little gray in his hair, but other then that looked like the same dad I saw a year ago.   As soon as my mom saw me she smiled and got up to hug me.   "Hey mom!" I smiled as I hugged her.   "Oh baby, you look so beautiful!" She smiled as look at me. "I missed you!"   "I missed you too!" I giggled. I grabbed Liam's hand and looked at mom,"mom this is Liam, Liam this is my mom" I smiled.   "Nice to meet you Ms. Jones." Liam smiled as he kissed my moms hand.   "Oh did my daughter catch a gentleman or what!?" She chuckled.   I smiled, but tensed up when I saw my dad staring Liam down. I coughed nervously.   "And Dad this is Liam, Liam this Dad." I gave a nervous smile.   Liam walked up to my father and shook his hand, "nice to meet you Mr. Parker. Liam smiled as he let go of his hand.   My dad nodded as he cleared his throat, "Nice to meet you, why don't we have a chat outside?" He smiled.   I tensed up, but Liam winked at me as he followed my father out.   LIAM'S POV: I followed Kami's father out into the hall. He stared at me for a minute them cleared his throat," So you have feelings for my daughter?"   "Yes sir, she means a lot to me." I smiled.   "Well, I hope she does. You are the first boy I ever had to worry about, Kami never had a lot of boyfriends, she is very fond of you." His expression was like stone.   "I assure you, sir Kami and I have a very close relationship."   He gave me a cold stare as he said "Look here pretty boy, my daughter Alice moved away and I never saw her again, Kami is my little girl and I don't want anyone to hurt her, I just want you to know if you hurt my little girl in ANY way. I will hunt you down. I don't care how famous you are."   "Sir, I love your daughter VERY much, she is a wonderful woman and to be honest, she was very nervous about even meeting you today, she thinks you're not proud of her. I promise I will never hurt her, but you have to promise me you will tell her what she means to you, it will mean the world to her..." I waited to see his expression.   He showed a little shock, but he then looked right in my eyes and squinted, " You're alright Liam..." He huffed as he nodded his head back to the room. I followed him back to the room. I saw Kami stand up as soon as she saw us. He walked up to her, "Kami, I give you permission to date this young man. I believe he meets my requirements..."   Kami's face lit up as she looked at me. "Oh thank you daddy!" She hugged him. Kami's mom looked at her watch and gasped,"oh my the wedding starts in twenty minutes Kami!"   "Oh gosh! Okay mom can you line up the bridesmaids, dad go meet Alice, and Mr. and Mrs. Lewin will you please go find a good seat in the pews?" Kami ordered as she grabbed my hand and jerked me out of the room.   "Where are we going?" I chuckled as she pulled me along the hall.   "We are not going anywhere, YOU are going to be a groomsmen, one of Marks friends didn't show up so you're going to be one okay?" She smiled as she opened the a door.   I looked in and saw all the groomsmen getting in a line and ready to walk down the aisle. "Uh, I guess" I smiled as Kami pushed me into the room.   "Great see you out there!" She showed a thumbs up before rushing down the hallway to where the bridesmaids were waiting.   KAMI'S POV: I quickly lined up with the bridesmaids and we walked to where the groomsmen were waiting. We all partnered up(I was with Liam of course), and waited behind the huge double doors for the music to start.   As soon as I heard the first note I ordered the bridesmaids to go. I was last so I could be next to Alice. While we were waiting Liam whispered in my ear,   "I can't wait for the day where I will be waiting for you to walk up in you're wedding dress..." He leaned in and kissed my cheek.   "Me either" I giggled as I squeezed his hand.   Finally it was our turn, we took step by step together all the way to the front. Mark was smiling as he was waiting for Alice to come out. Liam walked me to my spot then went to his, everything was going perfect! I looked around and saw mom, marks parents, and a couple of their friends. I then looked at the double doors and had a smile from ear to ear when Alice came out.   Her gown was beautiful and she looked so breathtaking. Her eyes were locked on Mark, as his were locked on her. When they finally reached the front my father handed her off to Mark and the reception began.   Through the whole wedding I couldn't help but look at Liam from time to time. I can't believe what has happened in just two and half months of my life, I met the man of my dreams, my sister is getting married, and I'm going to start a whole new life with Liam...   After they said "I do" and had a cute kiss we all headed to the reception area.   After we ate the DELICIOUS food, it was party time! The Dj was playing great music, Liam and I were dancing like crazy and were having a blast! I stopped when the dj slowed things down and played, "turning page".   It was one of my favorite songs, I smiled at Liam. He wrapped his hands around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck. We gracefully moved our feet with ease. "I love this song..." I sighed as I rested my head on Liam's chest.   "How so?"Liam whispered.   "Well, I just love how much he loves her and how he notices everything about her..."   "That's how I feel about you." Liam whispered as he kissed my cheek.   "Really? That is so swe-" I was interrupted by my father.   " May I have a dance?" He smiled as he grabbed my hand.   Liam nodded as he kissed my forehead and headed off to get a drink.   My father and I slowly danced. "So, he means a lot to you?"   "Yes, dad" I smiled.   "Well he seems like a decent man who treats my daughter right." He said.   "Dad, I know what I'm doing I promise." I smiled.   "Okay I'll trust you.." He paused looked at Liam then back at me, "I am so proud of you have grown up into a wonderful women..." I smiled. We danced for a little while then Liam came back.   The reception finally ended and I said goodbye to Alice because they were off to Fiji the next morning. I walked up to my mom, " Well, I'm going to miss you..." I smiled tears filling in my eyes.   "Baby don't cry, this is your path you have to take. I'll be home waiting for ya ok?" She smiled as she hugged me. "Be careful please."   "I will, I love you mommy!" I had a crack in my voice as I hugged her tighter.   "I love you too!" She pleaded as she tried to free from my hug.   I then said a quick goodbye to my dad. He found out I was moving in with Liam. He agreed but I had to promise to be careful. I did. Finally I walked to the car with Liam.   We sat there for a minute...   "Are you okay?" Liam said with a worried sound in his voice.   "Ya, I am really... It's just a lot to take in..." I sighed as I started the engine.   "It'll get easier I promise." Liam said as he held my hand.   "I know, I trust you..." I smiled.   When we got back the house, I had to pack everything I owned up. The boys were leaving for London again tomorrow, I was glad I had my passport! I made sure I had everything I could possibly need.   I then crawled into bed with Liam. "Are you sure about this?" Liam smiled. "Positive..." I smiled as I rested my head on his chest.Tomorrow my journey started! I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep to the sound of Liam's heartbeat...<3
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