A 16 year old girl named Kami lives in the smallest town imaginable. She was born a city girl and yearned for the nightlife. One summer She took a visit to her Sisters home in California. During this vaction her life was changed forever when she met the love of her life Liam Payne


21. A Wedding to Plan



KAMI’S POV: It’s been two weeks since Liam has been in England, I miss him, but Alice has kept me company. There are nights when she is out with Mark I feel lonely, but other than that I am fine. Alice has been dating Mark for a while. They are very good together and Mark is so sweet to her.

As for Liam we have chatted here and there, but poor him he has been out till the crack of dawn working and then comes home very late. He tries to Skype me, but he just looks so exhausted, I just tell him to get some sleep.  I was in Alice’s room making her bed when I heard the door slam and Alice sprinted up to me.

“OH MY GOODNESS!!!!” Alice had a huge grin on her face.

“What! What!?” I jumped.

Alice took a deep breath and showed me her left hand. There on her finger was a beautiful diamond ring!

My jaw dropped, “Wait, Really? Oh my god it’s beautiful!

Alice nodded and couldn’t stop smiling.

“So how did he ask you!?” I smiled.

Alice took another breath, “So we went for a walk in the park, and Mark was acting really weird. We then went to this building and Mark would not tell me why! He took me to the roof and if had been beautifully decorated with flowers, but there was a man standing on the very edge of the roof. I asked him why he was up there he just looked at me and smiled. I then gasped when HE JUMPED OFF THE ROOF! I then was baffled when he opened a parachute. The parachute said: Alice will you marry me?

I then turned and there was Mark on one knee!” She beamed.

“Oh my goodness that is so clever! I am so happy for you!” I hugged Alice.

“Thanks so here’s the thing though, you’re my maid of honor of course and I wanted to have it before you left so it’s going to be in 3 weeks!” She smiled.

“Oh wow!  who are you going to invite?” I was so excited.

“Just close family and friends, so me and Mark can have a good honeymoon.” She smirked.

“Oh I can’t wait to tell Liam!” I smiled.

LIAM’S POV:  These past weeks have been exhausting. I try not to mope, but it’s been hard. So to cheer me up the boys wanted to go for a drink at a club tonight and are making me come. I really didn’t want to, but I tried to follow Kami’s advice. I put on a graphic T-shirt, some jeans, and vans.

We got to the club and were immediately let in. I went to the bar and ordered a beer. When the bartender handed it to me I headed to the private table for me and the boys. Harry was dancing with random girls, as was Niall. As for Louis, Zayn and I. We had a blast just chatting. I surely needed it.

I drank my beer and wanted another, so I went back to the bar, this time however a drunken man walked up to me.

“Hey are you Liam Payne?” He smiled.

“Uh… ya” I shrugged.

“Where’s your slut girlfriend?” He slurred as he tried to keep his balance.

“Excuse me?” I gave him an angry look.

“Ya, that bimbo you were with on the news, she’s hot. Are you hitting that bro?”

Anger built up inside me. I couldn’t control it I just reared back and punched the douche right in the face. Luckily people just thought the drunk passed out, I hit him pretty hard ,because my hand was stinging. I grabbed my jacket and got on the bus. I was having fun, but after that I just wanted Kami next to me holding some medium Jiji’s. I sighed as I got my computer and sat on the couch. I turned on skype hoping Kami would answer, but no she was offline.  I sadly shut off my computer and turned in for the night.

NIALL’S POV: The club was awesome and I was having a blast, that was until Louis tapped my shoulder saying it was time to leave. I said bye to some fans and followed Louis along with Zayn and Harry. Where was Liam?

We all got on the bus and I saw Liam’s door open. He was asleep on his bed. I sighed as I shut the door.

“What is wrong with Liam he is so sad now.” I huffed as I walked to the living room with the rest of the boys.

“It’s Kami I have never seen him into someone so much.” Louis said.

“Ya, I just hope she moves in soon so Liam can be, well you know Liam.” Harry sighed.

“Perrie even said Liam acted different.” Zayn confessed.


KAMI’S POV: I have been so busy planning my sister’s wedding, time flew by and before I knew it Liam was flying back to LA. I told Liam the news a week ago. He was very excited. I was so glad to see his smile again. What made planning this wedding even more difficult is that when I tried to get things for the wedding I was always bombarded with reporters or one direction fans. It was annoying at times, especially when I was trying to get something done.

I had to try on bridesmaids dresses today after I picked up Liam. I drove to the airport and waited for him. This time however a girl walked up to me while I was waiting at the gate.

“Are you Kami, Liam’s girlfriend?” She looked at me.

“Um,yes” I gave a smile.

She paused for a moment which freaked me out. She looked me up and down.

“You’re not good enough for him. He’ll leave you soon.” She looked at me once more then walked off.

I felt really uncomfortable now and just wanted to see Liam. I played with my fingers until I saw the boy’s come out of the gate. I ran up and hugged each one of them; Liam was the last one out.  He smiled so big when we locked eyes. I felt so happy to see him. We hugged each other for a full minute.

“I have missed you so much!” Liam sighed as we walked to my car.

“I have too, but we are together now!” I smiled.

I had to hurry and get Liam’s stuff all packed up and head to our appointment . I had to speed really fast and  I couldn’t help, but giggle seeing Liam get a little scared.  I whipped in and met with the other bridesmaids. We all walked into the boutique.

Alice had picked out three different kinds of dresses for us to choose from. One was a long elegant light blue dress, two was a red  sparkly short dress, and three was the same as number two just a light green. The bridesmaids and I preferred the light blue one and decided to try that one on. Liam waited in a chair as we entered our dressing rooms. I took of my shirt and pants as I started to put the dress on. It looked amazing, but I couldn’t zip it by myself. I peeked out of my dressing room door and whispered at Liam.

LIAM’S POV:  This place looked so nice and I couldn’t wait to see Kami in the dress. I smiled when I saw her head peek out the door.

“Liam, can you zip my dress please?” she whispered. I nodded and walked over to her. She pulled me into the dressing room. I looked at her in the dress, she looked so beautiful. She turned around showing me her bare back. I gulped as I grabbed her zipper and slowly zipped it up. She turned around to me and smiled.

“Thanks baby!” She smiled as she kissed me then walked out with me. Soon the other bridesmaids came out and joined her. I looked at all of them, they were all very beautiful women, but Kami was way more beautiful to me, and when she would smile and laugh It made me want to smile. I snapped out of it when all the girls turned to me and Kami asked,

“So how do we look?”

“You all look breathtaking.” I smiled.

“Great, then it is settled!” She beckoned me to unzip her. I did, she ran to get changed and then came back out in her jeans and top.

She bought all the dresses and grabbed my hand.

“So, guess what?” She smiled as we got in the car and headed to Kami’ house.

“What?” I smiled.

“Well, my mom will be flying down here for the wedding so instead of going there we can meet her here!" She smiled.

“Wow, that’s awesome!” I grinned.

KAMI’S POV: When we got back to my house Alice looked really nervous. I walked up to her Liam right behind me.

“Alice what happened?” I looked at her concerned.

“Uhhh, well… dad called and he said he is flying down to be at my wedding and to meet, in his words,”The boy who thinks he can date my daughter…”

“What? Dad is coming here….!” I gasped. My dad is a big, buff, military man. I haven’t seen him in like a year. After my parents split(three years ago) I never see him much.

“How did he know about Liam??” I said, because my dad doesn’t read or watch magazines or the news. He mostly hunts (one thing I hate.) or goes camping.

“I have no idea!” Alice said.

“Come on, your dad cannot be that bad!” Liam grinned. His grinned disappeared when he saw Alice and I gave him the “No he is” look.

“Ok, now I am scared…”  Liam stuttered.

‘It…It…it will be fine! No worries…” I gave a half smile.

Why does dad want to meet Liam? What will he think when he finds out I’m not coming home and that I am moving in with Liam? I gulped.


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