A 16 year old girl named Kami lives in the smallest town imaginable. She was born a city girl and yearned for the nightlife. One summer She took a visit to her Sisters home in California. During this vaction her life was changed forever when she met the love of her life Liam Payne


5. A Trip to the Mall

     I sat on the couch “Indian style” and looked up at Alice waiting for her to start her “lesson”.

     “Ok, first how do you act during a concert?”  she said.

     “Well, it’s a concert, so you would jump, scream, and sing along to the song. Like what else would you do?” I answered questionably.

      “No, you clap calmly, smile like you’re having a good time, but you never push shove, or scream at the top of your lungs. That makes you like any other fan. If you act calm their attention will go towards you, because you’re not like the others. Lastly don’t freak out if they walk up to touch your hand. Just gently put your hand out to reach theirs.” She instructed.

      “Okay, that’s easy.” I snickered.

      “Okay what if you’re lucky and one of them pulls you up on stage?”  She raised one eyebrow with a grin on her face.

      I thought for a moment, I would probably pass out or have a retarded grin on my face. I knew that wasn’t the answer she was looking for. I gathered my words then said, “you should calmly smile and sway to the music, while looking into his eyes.” I said with triumph.

    “Good! Will stop there because I want to go shopping and you need to.” She said as she looked me up and down.

     “Hey! These are my travel clothes!” I snapped. I looked down at my hoodie with shorts, finishing off with some dirty flip flops. Alright she might be right about my outfit, but I did pack cute clothes so I went to go change as Alice re-did her makeup.

     After I changed I was wearing white shorts, a cute loose shirt that showed a smidge of my belly, and some sparkly gladiators. Alice came out of the bathroom and smiled.

     “MUCH better!” she giggled.

     When we got in the car Alice explained to me what I should wear when I hang out with them.

     “You need to wear something that’s cute, but simple. You have to be able to do anything in the outfit because who knows where you’re going to go. It also has to say “I am not that intimidated by you you’re just like any other person.”

     “That’s a lot to have in one outfit, can we even find one that meets those standards?” I smiled.

     “Please, with me, we can find any outfit imaginable.” She looked at me and smirked.

     “Well, I’ll hold you to that.”

     We reached the mall, parked, and started to head over there.

      “Okay were going to go to one of my favorite stores, they never let me down. I’ll pick out everything you’re just the dress dummy.” She grinned.

      “gee thanks!” I rolled my eyes, but agreed.

     We entered the store. This store was very elegant and sweet. I loved it! It had all the light, simple colors. It screamed girly. I looked around while Alice gathered outfits. I saw a really cute simple flowing top. I cringed when I looked at the price tag. Being raised in the small town, I won’t buy anything over $50. Yes, I know that’s not much, that’s why I have to be creative with my outfits.

     Alice came back with a pile of outfits. I headed to the dressing room. I tried on each outfit. None of them really said me, but I didn’t argue. After trying them all on we found one. It was a light blue dress. It was an everyday dress, very simple, beachy style but when accented with a thin belt it became an adorable outfit. We bought cute flats. They were white with a white bow. It went along perfectly with the thin white belt. We then bought beautiful simple studs and  a small chained necklace with a round stud with the end. Last but not least we finished our search with a white satchel that brought the whole simple but girly look together.

     After a day of burning money we headed back to the car with bags on each arm. We were laughing and having a blast.

     “Am I a genius or what? That outfit is amazing, itcannot fail!” She said proudly.

     “Ya, I really like it.” I smiled, “Thanks again for buying it for me!”

     “Anything for my little sister!” She winked.

     When we got home we stayed up late sharing funny memories and stories with each other until we passed out from exhaustion. When we woke up we got some coffee and headed to the radio station to receive the tickets. When we got there the announcer congratulated me and asked if they could take a picture for their website. Luckily, I looked decent so I nodded. The man handed me the tickets and I stared at them for a moment in awe. I still couldn’t believe they were in my hands. After that we went home and locked them in a wooden box so nothing would happen to them.

     Over the week Alice gave me constant training she even got cut outs of the boys so I could practice small talk. Before I knew it, it was Thursday. The concert was tomorrow! I didn’t sleep that much out of excitement and a huge ball of nervousness in my stomach.

     Even though I only got four hours of sleep I still felt refreshed. I think it was just because of excitement. I got my concert outfit on. A cute “I Love Lucy” loose tank, some white shorts, and some black vans. I did my makeup, simple but pretty. I never overloaded on makeup the most I would wear was mascara, a light blush, a natural eye shadow, top eyeliner (not bottom because I hated how it smudged), and a pretty pink lip gloss.My hair was doing it natural wavy look, I liked how it looked so I kept it.  I grabbed my other satchel (I love satchels because it just less of a pain then a purse.) and put the tickets, my driver’s license, some back up makeup, my phone, and some gum.  After going over everything with Alice again we grabbed our things and headed to the concert.

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