I Love You (Book 3)

Amber is now married to Niall Horan, and she couldn't be more happy...that is until rumours start getting in the way of her marriage.


23. Thinking and Wishing

Dave's Point of View

Amber and Danielle had gone shopping, so I decided to start packing up my stuff. I had already decided to leave the first avaliable flight back to America in the morning. I hadn't told Amber yet, but I didn't want her to refuse it. I had to go. It was because of me there were rumors, it was because of me that fans think Amber is cheating on Niall. She didn't deserve that.

No, not ever.

Niall didn't deserve it either.

What was I? Just some big brother who came and ruined their perfect life.

Angrily I stuffed all my clothes back in the suitcase, and took my personal belongings from around the house. It was about an hour later, and I was ready. I put the suitcase on the bed and then went back into the main room to watch TV.


Amber's Point of View

"We should go now," Danielle tapped my shoulder and said.

"Why?" I turned around to see her face as white as a sheet, her expression as if she had just seen a ghost. "Oh, Dani! What happened?"

"Just... just rumors," Danielle replied, trying hard not to cry. I put the book back, which I was looking at, and hurried Danielle out of the store. I didn't ask her anything. We went to my car, and I drove us back to my house, Danielle was silently crying the whole ride.

When we got to my house, Danielle wordlessly went to her room. I was going to go and see what was wrong, but Dave stopped me. He said there was something he had to tell me. He turned off the TV, so I sat on the couch beside him.

"Amber... I've come to a disicion, and you're not going to like it," he started off by saying. He put his arms around me, as if to comfort me. "But, I have to go home tomorrow. I'm ruining your marriage, so I'm leaving on the first flight back."

I was stunned, taken aback. I wanted him to stay so badly... was this the right desicion on his part? I really didn't know.


"No, no 'buts'." Dave quietly said. "All I need you to do is drive me to the airport, okay? I already booked a ticket, and I have to be at the airport by one in the afternoon." He kissed my check, said goodnight and left to go to bed.

He left me sitting in my deep thouoghts. What kind of day was this? The worst day of my life?? When was Niall coming home anyway? I miss him like crazy... it's not fair he's always out traveling and I'm stuck here, stuck with rumors of us breaking up. Why did he get all the fun?

Why wasn't marrying Niall Horan what I thouoght it would be? I knew it would be hard, but I honestly didn't know how hard it would get with him being gone... and then dealing with rumors, and...

I forgot about Danielle! I quickly got up, but then realized she had most likely cried herself to sleep. Looking at the clock, I saw that it was early morning, and I should sleep too. I made my way upstairs, went into my bedroom and closed the door. I quickly got into my pajama's and then climbed into the big, cold bed, wishing Niall was beside me...

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