I Love You (Book 3)

Amber is now married to Niall Horan, and she couldn't be more happy...that is until rumours start getting in the way of her marriage.


9. The Signing Aftermath

Niall's Point of View

My hand was getting sore, and my smile seemed glued on as I signed countless amounts of books, albums, tee-shirts, anything. It was a wonderful experiance, really. We got to interact with the fans, even if it each of them was for a split second.

Paul had just told us that we had to leave, much to the fans dismay. There were a few that we hadn't gotten too yet, but it was late and we were going to miss our flight. I got up, and looked behind me, with my stack of gifts and smiled with pleasure. A lot of it was baking, and I couldn't wait to dig in. I grabbed the bag, and then went backstage.

"Wow! You sure got a good stash!" Liam wowed when he saw my bag.

"I know... the fans know how much i love food!"

"I just got a whole bunch of special spoons! I'll use them all, to be sure!" Liam laughed.

"What did you get, Harry?" I asked.

"Hair brushes," Harry smiled. "Is that a sign for me to start burshing my hair? Because it's my style... isn't it? I thought everyone loved it."

"They do, lad," I inisisted, patting him on the back. "They just want you to use their hairbrushes."

"Mmm..." Harry smiled and sat down on a couch. You could still hear all the screams of fans, which was deafning while signing things, but bearable now. I wondered how Amber and El were doing... I wonder if they had spend all my money.

"El just sent me a text," Louis said, coming up to me. "She said they'll wait out the back because it's absolulty crazy everywhere in the mall."

"OKay." That was a sensable choice. It would be impossible to try and get through all the girls. We even had to wait here until it calmed down a bit. I couldn't wait to get home, though, watch TV and eat the treats the fans had given me.


Authors Note:

HI! Just wondering how you guys all like it! Thanks for viewing, liking and favoriting again, I really appreciate it! Soo.... what do you think needs to be improved, and what is good?


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