I Love You (Book 3)

Amber is now married to Niall Horan, and she couldn't be more happy...that is until rumours start getting in the way of her marriage.


4. The Mall

Louis' Point of View

"Deffintly the mall," Dave replied to my question.

"The mall? You sure you don't want to see Nialler?"

"I promised my mom that I'd go to a store in London and pick something special up for her," Dave replied.

"Well... okay..." I turned right, and then a few turns before I ended up at the mall. I parked the car, and then looked in the compartment where I stored my sun glasses and a hat. I put them on, and then offered Amber a pair.

"It's not sunny," Dave told us in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Well, lad... you see your sister is just a tad famous... and so am I... so we'd rather be safe than sorry and be mobbed my girls." I got out of the car, and waited for Amber and Dave to get out before locking the door and heading for the front entrance.


Amber's Point of View

I pushed my sun glasses up further to my nose and then we headed into the mall. I didn't go to the mall that often, so I hardly knew my way around. Dave just wanted to browse around, so Louis and I aimlessly followed him around the mall.

We heard a few camera's go off, and saw a few flashes, but ignored them. Dave, however, got  alittle bit freaked out.

"So, people just stalk you around?" He asked suspiciously as we walked around a store with lots of antiques.

"Basically," Louis shrugged. "I can't do anything without being followed."

Dave raised his eyebrows and let out a low whistle as he looked at the price on one of the items, and then suggested we leave the store.

As soon as we got out of the store, there was five girls wearing shirts that said: "I love one Direction" on them, and as soon as they saw us they started screaming and ran up to us, asking for Louis' autograph. They then asked me to say hi to Niall, before we had to excuse ourselves. I could tell Dave was just a little bit freaked out by that, so I suggested we go see Niall. Dave and Louis agreed.


Author's Note

Sorry, this chapter isn't as good as other ones which I've done. What do you think so far?? Hope you all like it!

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