I Love You (Book 3)

Amber is now married to Niall Horan, and she couldn't be more happy...that is until rumours start getting in the way of her marriage.


11. Talking in the Taxi

Amber’s Point of View

It was crazy in France. Eleanor couldn’t come today, so Dave and I were wondering around France together. Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower, and then a fancy restaurant. We visited more sites than I could remember in five hours, but it was defiantly worth it.

“That was the best time ever!” Dave enthusiastically said as we were in the taxi back to the airport. “I still can’t believe you are married!” We sat close together, and since it was a bit cold, Dave put his arm around me. We were really close growing up, we had told each other everything.

The street lights broke through the dark, and lit up the taxi as it drove along the silent road.

“I know! We need to do it again!” I said and looked into his eyes. A stab of homesickness took over me. He looked just like our dad, the same big, brown eyes and the same black, curly hair.

“Tomorrow?” He asked. I laughed.

“Maybe. Depends on the boys schedule… but we don’t have to trail them everywhere. You know that… right?”

“No… I thought we were forced,” Dave said. “You know… so Niall could make sure you’re safe.”

“I have enough common sense to keep out of trouble for the day!” I exclaimed, but then blushed. How many times had I messed up in childhood? Too many times to count. There was that time when I was six, and I decided I would bake the cookies and I nearly set the whole house on fire. There was that other time I decided to warm up all my teddies by the wood fire. Then the time I decided to do the washing… Okay… you get the picture. My intentions were good… it just never really turned out.

Dave laughed at me. “I know you do… you’re… you’re different now. More… more grown up and independent.”

I blushed and smiled. “Thanks, Dave. Just don’t tell anyone that back home… I don’t need more trouble with boys.”

“Don’t worry,” Dave promised. “I never would, because you and Niall are perfect.” The taxi then stopped, and told us we were at the airport. I paid the driver what we owed, got out of the taxi before Dave and I walked into the airport, knowing it was a great day.

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