I Love You (Book 3)

Amber is now married to Niall Horan, and she couldn't be more happy...that is until rumours start getting in the way of her marriage.


8. Rewarding Experiance

Amber's Point of View

"How about this one?" Eleanor held up a bright red dress to her body.

"No... this one suits you better," I quickly said and I pulled a pretty brown dress that dropped down to her knees from the rack. "Yes! perfect!" I then looked at the pricetag and quickly put it back.

"Too expensive?" El asked and laughed. The screams of tthe girls echoed throughout the mall, and giving me a slight headache. The boys had said we were allowed to go shopping, and gave us 200 dollars each to spend while they were signing.

"Waaay to expensive." I went searching through more racks. We were in a really expensive dress shop.

"Haha... that's too bad." Eleanor made a funny face and then went looking for another dress. We went looking for another few minutes before deciding to go to the next shop. It was a shoe shop. There wasn't much there, so the next shop in line was a book store. At the front there was One Direction Cd's and books, though there wasn't that many left. It was tempting to get one and randomly hand them out....

"Let's do it!" I eagerly told El and both of us took Up All Night and Take Me Home CD, a book about them and a few magazines each, bought them and then we wondered around the mall looking for a few stray girls with One Direction tee-shirts.

Eventually we found two distraught girls who looked to be about thirteen years of age.

"Excuse me girls," Eleanor quietly said.

"What??/ OH! IT'S ELEANOR CALDER!" The girl nearly screamed. "AND IT'S AMBER HORAN!!" She quickly gave us each a huge hug, which took our breath away.

"We have a gift for you two," I said and sat down on a bench. "But first... why aren't you two lining up to get something signed?"

"We... we don't have anything," the second girl replied with a sad face. "We were going to try and get in line, but..."

"It's okay... we'll help," Eleanor promised and took out her shopping bag. "Which is your favorite CD?" She took out both CD's and presented them infront of the girls. Their jaws dropped open.

"Are you sure?? We can... both have one?" The second girl said in a trembling voice.

"Yes." I smiled and the girls took the CD's. "Now... in order to get into line, come with us." I got up from the bench and held the first girls hand as we made our way to the ear-peircing screams of girls. We went over to a security gaurd.

"These are a few friends of ours.... can you get them infront?" I whispered into the gaurds ear. He nodded his head yes, and he motioned the girls to follow him. Before they did though, they gave us each a huge hug and then happily walked off.

Eleanor and I went back to another part of the mall and did the same thing to other girls who looked upset. It was a great, rewarding experiance. I made a mental note to do it at any concert or signing I ever went to.

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