I Love You (Book 3)

Amber is now married to Niall Horan, and she couldn't be more happy...that is until rumours start getting in the way of her marriage.


17. Ordering lunch

Amber's Point of View

Dave and I patiently waited in line at a fastfood restaurant, McDonalds. I had yet to go to a London McDonalds, so I hoped that it still tasted the same as back in America.

There were two people ahead of us, and they seemed to be taking their time ordering. There was one person behind us. The restaurant itself was rather empty, which was good. Hopefully we wouldn't get too much publicity for going out to lunch, especially to such a place. Nothing against this place, but it wouldn't be the ideal place for a date.

"People talk funny here," Dave whispered in my ear. He had obviously been listening in. I laughed out loud. It was true. People did talk funny here...

"But I bet people over here think we talk funny," I told Dave. His eyes sparkled with amusment.

"They think we're coyboys and cowgirls," Dave said loudly in his strongest Texas accent. I laughed. Part of it was true.

"Next please!" The girl at the cash register called. Dave and I stepped forward.

"Howdy," Dave greeted. I laughed.

"Hello... how may I help you two?"

"Umm..." I looked up at the menu board and ordered a hamburger, Dave ordered and then we waited.

"You don't need to talk like you're a cowboy," I laughed at Dave as we waited.

"But I wanna," Dave complained in little kid voice. Again, I laughed. I missed Dave, this was the most I had laughed in a while.

Our tray was ready, so I paid, picked it up and then we found a seat. As I set down the tray, my wedding ring glinted in the overhead lights. It looked expensive. It was a reminder I was married, I was a wife. I was the wife of a famous guy... the envy of half the girls around the world. I had to be more careful about what I said in public, you could never be too sure about who was listening...

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