I Love You (Book 3)

Amber is now married to Niall Horan, and she couldn't be more happy...that is until rumours start getting in the way of her marriage.


13. News paper stand

Eleanor's Point of View

I was strolling the streets of London and walked by a newspaper store. I usually didn't pay too much attention to that kind of stuff, but I stopped because I saw Amber's picture on the front cover. I had stopped in my tracks, turned to my right and looked at the stand where the papers were. There were several papers with Amber and Dave, with the headline: Is Amber Cheating?

Ridiculous, I thought and muttered as I picked it up and flipped through it. In there were pictures of Amber and Dave holding hands while walking the streets of London, and catching a Taxi together in Paris. How rude! I put the paper down and continued walking and got out my cellphone, and speed dailed Amber.

"El! Hey!" She answered.

"No time to talk," I muttered to her. "There is a magazine with a headline that you are cheating Niall." I heard her gasp. It must have been horrid for her to hear that, especially of what happened that nearly ruined their engagement...


Authors Note:

Sorry it's a short chapter! Will write more later! :)

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