I Love You (Book 3)

Amber is now married to Niall Horan, and she couldn't be more happy...that is until rumours start getting in the way of her marriage.


28. My Niall

Amber's point of View

I heard the front door open as soon as I had woken up from a nap. Instantly I sat up, alert, trying to hear who it was. I was certain that I had locked it… hadn’t I?

I took the blankets off and tiptoed across the floor to the door, and listened closely. From the second I looked out, down to the living room, my heart fluttered. The unmistakable brown-blond hair was everywhere, as the intruder walked around.

Doing a little happy scream, I ran down the stairs to see Niall. My Niall. I had stopped at the edge of the stairs to take in the handsome mess. He had two Starbucks coffees in his hand, and sunglasses over his tired eyes. He was wearing pajama pants and a tank-top that was way too big for him.

“Niall!” I screamed once again, giving him a chance to put down the coffees before jumping into his arms. It felt so good. Those reassuring arms took away all my troubles, all the things which had been bothering me for the past few weeks. Niall was here, and he was going to make everything better. I enjoyed the feeling of Niall hugging me back, and kissing me on my lips. I was in love all over again.

“I missed you, Amberger,” Niall whispered as he pulled away and handed me a coffee from Starbucks. Yummm… it was my favourite!

“Thanks! Tell me about it,” I sat down on the loveseat and waited for him to sit beside me. He did, and I enjoyed the next hour of listening to his tireless Irish/British/American accent. Niall was back! Niall James Horan!


Authors Note

hi everyone! Sorry about the short chapters and such, but I'm sad to say, I'm planning on ending this story soon... hope you all enjoy the last few chapters!

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