1D Imagines

Some Imagines I have made. Ask me for a imagine. I need you name and the band member you want to be with. Thanks, Tay


13. Katherine for Harry

You just left the mall with your best friend when someone tapped your shoulder. "Excuse me but, I think you dropped this." said a guy holding your phone. "Oooh he's cuuuuute!" your friend said. You ignored her and grabbed your phone. "Here you go, Katherine." he said. "How do you know my name?" you ask. "It's on the back of your case in studs." He flashed a smile and his dimples came out from hiding. Your hands touched and you felt a spark. "Well, I'm Harry." he said. "I'm gonna leave you two alone." your friend said, leaving. "Wanna grab some coffee?" he asks. "Sure." you say. You went to Starbucks and started talking. Harry took you home after a while. You were getting out of the car when Harry grabbed your arm. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" he asked. "I do now." you say, kissing him. You check your phone to see that Harry put his number in and sent you text.

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